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18 Equestrian Instagram Accounts You Need in Your Feed

Get following! These accounts, as recommended by our Style Guru, Alex Calder, will keep your feed filled with beautiful images from around the world.

Alex Calder

Always on trend, Alex Calder, The Gaitpost’s Style Guru takes us through the equestrian Instagram accounts you need to follow.

“Anyone who spends time with me will tell you I’m obsessed with Instagram. As well as my personal and work accounts, I have one called @betweentwoears – an account dedicated just to pictures I take from horseback. 

When I started it about a year and a half ago, I discovered a wonderful and growing community of equestrians on Instagram.

If you’re new to it, or need more #equestrianlife in your feed, here are some of my favourites:

The Hub

One of my favourite accounts, run by the consistently lovely Kristine Anderson-Dahms, @lifebetweentheears curates photos taken from horseback from around the world, making it one of the most visually striking and popular hubs for horse photos.

Tag your ears shots with #lifebetweentheears to be featured.


The Big Sky Lovers

Somewhere in Montana, often in the snow, surrounded by a herd of Haflingers with flaxen manes is @bigskybandits

Her photos have a beautifully minimal and often abstract quality. In Alberta, @giselaphoto chronicles an idyllic life among horses, bison, dogs and snow.



fire & ice. my little winter paradise. ??❄️

A photo posted by britt ? (@bigskybandits) on

The Pro Photographers

Based in France, @appawoosa shoots some of the best actions shots I’ve seen, often on the GCT tour and at the spectacular Saut Hermes show.

In Sweden is @annikaholtzphotography, shooting gorgeous editorial style shots that could easily grace the pages of Vogue.

@bretstclairphotography has a real eye for detail, capturing those everyday, behind-the-scenes moments at shows in a special way.


The Showground

This show only happens for one glorious week in The Hamptons, but the @hamptonclassic keep their Instagram account fuelled with landscape shots from around the pristine grounds, year round.


The Lifestyle Curator

American equestrian style at its best, @miltonmenasco  curates and creates that kind of elegant preppy life that makes you want to wind the clock back and live a life of horse-filled leisure in California.



To those past, present and future… Thank you for your service.

A photo posted by @miltonmenasco on

The Ranchers

There are a lot of people working on enormous ranches and farms across the United States, and a lot of them take incredible photos of ranch life. Some of my favourites are @sbaxterphoto@cavvysavvy, and @madelinejorden, of the mighty @ranchlands – also home to ranch life Instagram superstars @kateloveshorses and @owlfaceowlface.


The Love Affair

Another account with a lovely abstract perspective on horses combined with the misty quality of the Irish countryside is @just_by_chance_. One of my favourite things about her account is in the bio:

“Apparently I rescued her. But honestly. She rescued me.”



Happy Hallowe’en guys! What season is it where you live? It’s Autumn here!

A photo posted by Roesia&I (@just_by_chance_) on

The Dressage Rider

A dressage stable in Germany, @wstables is the epitome of an impeccably maintained German training facility.

Follow for beautiful warmblood dressage horses and some serious barn envy.



Good morning ?‍❤️‍?‍?

A photo posted by Westphalian Stables (@wstables) on

Have a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to bringing you more Style inspiration on The Gaitpost in 2016.


Editor’s Note: Huge congratulations to Alex on her recent engagement to Sam whilst on a romantic trip to Paris. We wish them every happiness for their future together.

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