Monday 8th of August 2022

Back on Track sponsor Grand Prix Dressage Rider

Back on Track are delighted to announce a new sponsorship alliance with Grand Prix dressage rider, Gemma Appleton.

© Rose Lewis

© Rose Lewis

Gemma has been competing in dressage for nearly 15 years and firmly believes that Back on Track products help support the suppleness and wellbeing of her horses.

Gemma was first introduced to Back on Track products three years ago by a friend who was already using the products and recommended them after seeing the benefits on their own horses. Gemma explains:

“I started with one rug and two sets of wraps which I used to swap over between the horses so that they could all have a good session wearing them. I have always worked my horses in bandages, and when I came across the Back on Track ceramic fleece bandages I was every interested in the product. After the first time using them, I was really excited about them! Knowing I am gaining the same level of support of a normal bandage, but with the added therapeutic qualities, is great.”

Back on Track, a Swedish company, manufacture textile products incorporating their revolutionary Welltex™ fabric.  Welltex is infused with ceramic particles that cause long wave infra-red heat to radiate back towards the body.  The body responds positively to the infra-red wave, increasing circulation, which can relieve joint tension, maximise performance and help avoid injury. 

In 2009 Gemma rode her first Grand Prix with Showtime and achieved selection for the World Class squad. At Senior level, Gemma’s achievements include five National Championships and the 2007 Young Horse PSG Championship. Gemma also lifted a bronze medal with Team GB at the Saumur CDIP in 2010 with her own Stallion Showtime. Gemma continues:

“I feel that the science behind the Welltex fabric really does help the blood flow and in turn it helps any injuries we may me managing. For most of the horses it is a part of their everyday maintenance programme to keep their bodies in shape. During the cooler months, we use the Exercise sheets to help warm the horse’s muscles in preparation for schooling or for when we hack out, it is great to know they are getting the benefit of the Back on Track effect. I also use the Back on Track products on myself; I’ve used the Neck Brace for an injury I had which really helped and the clothing has made me fell far less stiff and a lot more mobile in my lower back and shoulders. I also ride in the gloves as I absolutely love the feel of them to ride in.”

The range offers clothing and braces for horses, humans and dogs to support supple muscles and joints. For more information, to download a copy of our brochure or find a local stockist, visit or email 

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