Thursday 25th of May 2017

For the Horse


Read our review of Cryochaps, which are the brain child of Tricia Palmer Lewis, who has a proper job and an incident prone 4 legged friend

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Rescue Studs

Read our review of the easy to use Rescue Stud, which when your stud hole is worn, there’s no need to resort to duct tape, chewing gum, blu tack and tears

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The Orscana Pack

I am using the Orscana Sensor on a particularly sensitive event horse and it is a genius idea. Not only has the device pointed out if he is over or under rugged by giving me an idea of his body temperature but I can monitor whether he has been agitated or calm throughout the night.

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Dodson & Horrell Winter Health Mash

It is no over exaggeration when I say that at least 5 people either told me Bridie looked “a million dollars” or asked me ‘What are you feeding that Cob? He looks great!”

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Premier Equine Cold Water Boots

Premier Equine Cold Water Boots are a brilliant, easy alternative to cold hosing. Great for reducing swelling, cooling down tendons or treating injuries.

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Snuggy Hoods Turnout Hood

How I wish I had had this Snuggy Hood Turnout Hood last year when Mischief’s mane was wrecked by her rugs. It is a lifesaver and a firm part of her wardrobe now. She was a bit unsure first time we tried it on, but is a dab hand now and I think rather likes the new look!

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Lord & Lady Muck Shampoo

We saw these fun tubes of shampoo at Badminton and the sunny weather gave us the perfect opportunity to give them a go. The dark bay pony got the Lord Muck treatment while Lady Muck went to work on our grey pony.

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munch™ vitamunch

munch™ vitamunch is a 1kg cube of Timothy hay that has been dried and compressed and it also has various hedgerow and meadow herbs added. Two varieties I use are the rose hip ,Hawthorne and cleavers ( sticky ball plant) and the other variety with dandelion, red clover and nettle. When I take Garuda hand grazing I know he picks these things out to eat. As grazers they love variety and this seems to fulfil Garuda’s desire to have variety.

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Neue Schule Ride and Drive Snaffle Bit

I use this bit because it is effective but not sharp or overly strong for my horses. I wouldn’t necessarily use this bit all the time as I always give my horses a little variation depending on the feel they are giving but I have consistently competed in it and have noticed almost immediate results.

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We have all seen Sudocrem about the place but it is truly brilliant for a myriad of ailments for both the horse and the rider. I use mine the most on a very itchy 11.2h pony. He manages to ruin his tail every year when the flies come out and its soothing powers definitely ease the itch.

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3M Vetrap Bandaging Tape

3M Vetrap Bandaging Tape has so many uses. It doesn’t slip as it sticks to itself, but can still be repositioned and is the most effective way of keeping a sterile dressing on an awkward place. It is also excellent for holding a poultice on the foot.

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Splintex Gold

Having read various reviews about this product, I was keen to try it. This is a great product to help reduce the size of splints and in many cases help them disappear. I recently had my four year old pop a small splint.

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Pomms Premium Equine Ear Plugs

These are great ear plugs, which can be used both at shows or at home. Unlike other types of earplugs, the best thing about Pomms is they really do not fall out or move in the horses ears. They are made of a foam-like material, which lets in some sound but blocks out loud noises.

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Fairfax Performance Girth

I use the Fairfax girth on all five of my horses. I bought it because I have one horse that is a bit cold backed and I thought it might be more comfortable for him and improve his movement. The leather and the workmanship of the girth is of excellent quality.

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Supreme Products High Shine Shampoo

This is a great product and definitely does what it says on the tin. I only use this product when i wash the horses before going to a show. I would use it all the time but it is a little more expensive than normal horse shampoo. It leaves their coat really soft and shiny and there is a really big difference in look and feel compared to a standard horse shampoo

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Great in Winter for easing stubborn mud off legs and cleaning out minor cuts. Dilute with warm water, apply with a sponge and no need to rinse off. Smells satisfyingly medicinal and a little goes a long way. Especially good for preventing mud fever.

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NAF Gastri Aid

Why do you like this product for your horse?
More and more these days, we are realizing how many horses are effected by stomach ulcers. Gastri Aid is designed to defend the stomach wall from acid build up and help maintain the PH balance

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Tried and Tested

New this week : Socks, feed balancer and a shoulder straightening bit

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