Thursday 22nd of October 2020

Tune in to Horseware Ireland Radio Badminton

Whatever your plans are when you first arrive at the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials, be sure to get yourself plugged into Radio Badminton with a radio receiver available on the Showground. Your £9 will be well spent listening to the distinguished team, hosted by Rupert Bell and Jo Thoenes, on Horseware Ireland Radio Badminton – 106.1 FM.




Pammy Hutton returns to the broadcast team for Radio Badminton

Pammy Hutton returns to the broadcast team for Radio Badminton

Olympic favourite Carl Hester and Pammy Hutton, joint Proprietor of the Talland School of Equitation in Cirencester, will be the expert summarisers for the dressage days. On Thursday, they will be joined by Piggy French, who finished the 2015 season in 13th place on the British Eventing Points Leaderboard with 691 points.

Last year’s commentary got quite fruity at times between Carl and Pammy and you won’t miss a thing if you nip out of the grandstand for a spot of retail therapy.

On Saturday and Sunday, Piggy will join Harry Meade, triple Olympic gold medallist, Australian eventer Matt Ryan and Daisy Berkeley, who has had six top 12 placings at Badminton on 3 different horses. The trio will provide expert analysis on Saturday and Sunday whilst also providing additional expert comments after the day’s action has finished and Matt will also be joining Rupert on Wednesday when Horseware Ireland Radio Badminton will broadcast the trot live for the first time in the history of radio Badminton. They will be on air live from 4pm and 6pm and also covering the conclusion of the Mitsubishi Motors Cup.


Wherever your day takes you, the team at Horseware Ireland Radio Badminton will be where the action is – they will have a continuing stream of guests as well as feature other activities from across the Showground.

Not to be missed! Tune in!

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