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Royal Warrants: How to give your horse a palace

Prince Harry stole our hearts and then Meghan Markle stole our Prince but we’re not bitter (much). Our invitations seem to be lost in the post though, so to celebrate the Royal wedding on May 19th we discover what warrants a royal stable instead. If you can’t have the prince at least your horse can have a palace, write Eve Jones.

© Ian Jones

Here’s our pick of the Royal Warrant holders who have supplied goods or services to the Households of HM The Queen, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh or HRH The Prince of Wales for at least five years. Prepare to posh up your pony.

It’s not just the Queen’s Life Guard House Cavalry Blacks who are fed Dodson & Horrell. Racehorses, showjumpers, eventers, dressage horses, dogs, rabbits, goats and ferrets are too. Not to mention the elephant and locusts. 

Phone: 01832 737300

Email: enquiries@dodsonandhorrell.com

Website: www.dodsonandhorrell.com

The original producers of the dust-free natural forage HorseHage. Coming in four varieties to suit all types of horses and ponies, it has NO chemical additives, NO mould inhibitors, NO flavourings, NO molasses and NO inoculants. It DOES have a Royal Warrant though, awarded in 1983 after the Queen’s horse, Burmese, was fed HorseHage when suffering a respiratory problem.

Phone: 01803 527257

Email: sales@horsehage.co.uk

Website: www.horsehage.co.uk

Bedded down on large flake, purpose-made, 100% natural, dust-free British pine shavings, your steed will be in good company as Bedmax is the supply of shavings to the Royal Stud at Sandringham. The satin sheets of the horse world, if you will…

Phone: 01668 213467

Email: info@bedmax.co.uk

Website: www.bedmaxshavings.com

Founded in 1765, Carr & Day Martin first gained the Royal Warrant in the reign of George IV. A second for Saddlery care Products was awarded by the HRH the Queen. They produce leather, coat, hoof and health care products, with the orange Belvoir saddle soap bars practically iconic and Canter Mane and Tail conditioner the miracle spray for guaranteed Rapunzal locks.

Phone: 0800 867283

Email: info@carrdaymartin.co.uk

Website: www.carrdaymartin.co.uk

Vale Brothers Ltd was making grooming brushes as far back as 1786. Which means George III, George IV, William IV, Victoria, Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII, George VI and Elizabeth II may all have had their nags polished with Equerry bristles. A warrant granted in 1992 by HM The Queen seems fair reward then. Their other brands include Harry Dabbs Saddle Makers, Jeffries Saddlery, Brady bags, Edward Goddard (horse whips) and Thermatex rugs.

Phone: 01922 642222

Email: sales@valebrothers.co.uk

Website: www.valebrothers.co.uk

Lister Shearing’s horse clippers include mains clippers, battery-operated clippers and trimmers. The company has held a warrant since 1950 and have a wide range of clipping blades to suit all conditions and requirements. Like stencilling your family crest or a royal warrant on your horse’s bottom.

Phone: 01453 826692

Email: sales@lister-shearing.co.uk

Website: www.lister-shearing.co.uk

Loddon Equestrian can build your pony a palace, in fact so beautiful is the craftsmanship of the bespoke internal stabling that you’ll probably try to sleep there too. Not just favoured by the Royals with a warrant from HM the Queen but The Hong Kong Jockey Club, The New York Police Department, The Dubai Arabian Stud and The Singapore Racing are fans too.

Phone: 01508 520744

Email: sales@loddon.co.uk

Website: www.loddon.co.uk

Providing horse exercising machines for over 25 years, Claydon Horse Exercisers also have the benefit of being William and Pippa Funnell’s family business. They make a variety of exercise machines, pens and rubber flooring and Royal Household horses have been stepping out in Claydon style since 1998.

Phone: 01926 811526

Email: info@claydon.com

Website: www.claydon.com

You don’t imagine the Queen pushes a wheel barrow around Windsor poo-picking do you? No! She hops in her John Deer Gator and hitches up the Utility Cart to raz round the paddocks in a jiffy. Founded in 1837, the company has held a Royal Warrant since 1970 now uniquely covers the supply of agricultural, groundscare & horticultural products to The Queen’s Household.

Phone: 01949 860491

Email: enquiries@johndeere.com

Website: www.johndeere.co.uk

The Aloysius Parker of the equestrian world Eric Gillie Ltd transports horses and ponies throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland and mainland Europe. The family firm is now in its third generation and operates from Kelso in the Scottish borders. Think of their fleet of super smart Oakleys like the Royals’ fleet of Rolls Royce Phantoms.

Phone: 01573 224141

Email: info@ericgillie.co.uk

Website: www.ericgillie.co.uk

Shires make a complete range of equipment for the horse and clothing for the rider from 900 specialist retailers throughout the UK. They have held a Royal Warrant and supplied HM the Queen with equipment, clothing and footwear since 2009, but we’re fairly sure they didn’t make her crown.

Phone: 01568 613600

Email: andy@shiresequestrian.com

Website: www.shiresequestrian.com

Founded in 1911, Charles Owen manufactures horse-riding helmets and body protectors in Britain. They’re used in every equestrian discipline, from polo, racing, eventing and dressage to showjumping and carriage driving. If the Queen wore helmets they’d make her one covered in diamonds. Probably.

Phone: 01978 317777

Email: info@charlesowen.co.uk

Website: www.charlesowen.co.uk

A century of Saville Row tailoring at Bernard Weatherill has influenced and innovated riding clothes, livery and bespoke tailoring. The ultimate for hunting kit and experts for traditional riding breeches it was first awarded a Royal Warrant by His Majesty King George V in 1920 as a riding clothes outfitter and livery tailors and now holds the same Royal Warrant for HM the Queen. Not an economy purchase, you might need to mortgage your spare palace first.

Phone: 0203 092 3470

Email: customercare@bernardweatherill.com

Website: www.bernardweatherill.com

Hunter wellies made a striking come back thanks to the Queen of Fashion Kate Moss sporting them at Glastonbury in 2005. Their heritage goes back to 1856 however, and they hold two Royal Warrants of Appointment to HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. They were welly of choice for Princess Diana and Meghan has been seen stomping the streets of SW London in them too.

Phone: 020 74792040

Email: ali.lowry@hunterboots.com

Website: www.hunterboots.com

Thinking of gate-crashing the wedding? Then you better get a proper hat.

Lock Hatters was founded in 1676 by Robert Davis, the St. James’s Street shop is the 34th worlds oldest family-owned business and holds two Royal Warrants from HM the Queen and HEH the Prince of Wales. Other fans include Admiral Lord Nelson who wore the bicorne into the Battle of Trafalgar, Sir Winston Churchill who adopted the Cambridge and Homburg hats as trademarks, author and fan Oscar Wilde, dandy Beau Brummel, Bond villain Oddjob in Goldfinger and Charlie Chaplin. Phew! Lock Couture occasional hats and bespoke top hats for chaps will put you in good stead for the wedding and Royal Ascot too!

Phone: 020 7930 8874

Email: shop@lockhatters.co.uk

Website: www.lockhatters.co.uk

The best way to celebrate the big day at home?

Winston Churchill’s champagne of choice, Champagne Pol Roger holds the current Royal Warrant as suppliers of champagne to Queen Elizabeth II. Essential for toasting the happy couple. And weekends. Or weekdays.

The Scotch Egg was created at Fortnum’s.  They have other ludicrously tasty food to feast on but so what… THEY INVENTED THE SCOTCH EGG, surely the reason they have a warrant from both HRH and HM?

Phone: 020 7734 8040

Email: managementoffice@fortnumandmason.co.uk

Website: www.fortnumandmason.com

We would like to wish HRH Prince Harry and Miss Meghan Markle all the very best as they start their new life together. We shall be glued to the telly all of Saturday whilst quaffing our Pol and sampling a Scotch Egg or two! Santé!

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