Sunday 10th of February 2019

Save a horse, ride a cowboy

Many of you who follow us on Instagram, will be up to speed with our Sunday Swoons! Ahead of Valentine’s Day, real or fictional, these men made us jealous of their horses.

© Anglia Films

1. Rupert Campbell Black.

Just who her most devastating character was based on fuelled years of debate. Jilly Cooper conceded Andrew Parker Bowles, Rupert Lycett-Green with a hint of the Earl of Suffolk and Duke of Beaufort formed the muscly-thighed Adonis. He may have been a shit but who didn’t wish he’d ridden us around the ring?


2. Poldark

Poldark, Seamus, Seamus, Poldark. We don’t care how many times they canter together along that same Cornish Cliffside, it’s never enough.


3. Mr Darcy

Let’s be clear here, there is only one Mr Darcy and that is Colin Firth. And you’re probably thinking about that shirt scene, the watery, muscly lake one? Well, yes, fair, but think again. Think top hat and tails, starched stock and spurs and take a long, careful moment to check out those breeches. Looks handy with a whip too. Just saying.


4. Cillian Murphy as Tommy Shelby

Gang boss Tommy Shelby rides in bareback in Peaky Blinders. Cillian described the experience as interestingly warm and we broke into a sweat watching it.

© Touchstone Pictures

5. Robert Redford

Southern drawl, wrangler clad, brooding yet sensitive and a horse whisperer. How much did we want to be Annie? How much could we not believe Annie went back to the city?

© Universal Pictures

6. Genghis Khan

Ok. Niche. Mighty Manslayer, Scourge of God may not be our preferred nick names for lovers but he did found the entire Mongolian Empire from horse back and is claimed to be the most prolific lover the world has ever seen. Grrrr.

© Showtime

7. Henry the 8th

So, we’re thinking pre-obesity and gammy leg but being a King, a prolific hunter and a reputed horseman is hot. Henry bred heavy horses in a quest for the ultimate war horse and was the first English King to race horses, visiting his favourites in their retirement (ahhh). Arguably then, much nicer to his horses than his wives. Entirely possible we were swayed by Jonathan Rhys Meyers in Tudors TV show in 2007.

© Warner Bros Fandango Movie Clips

8. Joe, Black beauty.

He saved Black Beauty. We all wanted him to save us.

9. Harry Flashman

Despicable coward, bully, cad, deplorable human generally.

But the Cavalryman was remarkable on a horse and an insatiable, bosom-heavingly good gallop.

© Simone Sergio/Pinterest

10. Patrick Swayze.

No really. Raised in Texas by a cowboy father he went on to be a passionate breeder.  Of Arabian horses. Much missed.

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