Tuesday 19th of September 2023

A Day In The Life Of Coco Collett

To celebrate the inclusion of dog friendly hotels in The Gaitpost’s 2017 Event Guide in association with Champagne Pol Roger, we will be meeting the canine companions of leading elite riders. First up, Coco Collett…

For those of you who don’t know me, hmmm, why not?! I’m the proud owner of Laura Collett! Whilst a lady never divulges her age, I’m a 1 year old Jack Russell which means I’m at that cheeky stage where I can get away with more than I should so, yup, it’s a bit of a rollercoaster at the moment.


It’s a tough life being a chaperone to an elite eventer. The early wake-up calls take some getting used to and as the start of the season gets nearer, my beauty sleep is seriously suffering.

Life on the yard is non-stop – there’s the muddy puddles to play in, games of Sand Tag in the arena with Treacle (my best friend) and Mushroom plus my all time favourite game of playing Chicken. This is where we take it in turns to get as close as we can to the horses when they are schooling and cause major panic from the riders. It is hilarious and requires split second timing – we get them every time! You’d have thought they would have learnt by now! 

With Treacle and Mushroom

With Treacle and Mushroom

We do know how to behave sometimes though. When the owners come, it is time for best paws forward because let’s face it, there would be no Schmackos if we fooled around with the VIPs present!

The horses think they get more attention than us but we know the pecking order alright – how many of them get to curl up in the warm office and ride up front in the lorry?! I do have quite a soft spot for them despite the smell. Grand Manoeuvre is a bit crafty at times – I have to watch his teeth when I get too close but Mr Bass, well let’s just say its not just Diarm from EquiRatings who has a super sized crush on that athletic frame! Swoon!

coco and her best friend

Snuggles with my best friend


With Treacle and Mushroom

With Treacle and Mushroom

coco sleeping

At this time of year, if I’m being honest, I’m struggling with the mud – these little legs weren’t made for sinking an extra inch or two in the squelchy stuff and I feel bad leaving muddy paw prints all over the office. It’s times likes this when I do get rather jealous of all the pedicures going on at the yard – maybe one day it will be my turn. 

By the end of the day I am properly pooped especially if we have been out on the road. Laura’s playlists leave a lot to be desired but if I get my way I do love snoozing off to The Leader of the Pack by the Shangri-Las.

After supper, its time to curl up by the fire and have a well-earned sleep. I normally nod off thinking of new games to play quietly hoping that the alarm hasn’t been set for silly o’clock again. Wishful thinking. 

Look out for me on the circuit – I’m usually found overseeing all the chopping and changing and keeping guard on the ramp. You’ll know me when you see me! 


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