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Abandoned Foal Now Flourishing as Companion to Young Racehorse

A horse found abandoned in South London at just a few months old has made an amazing transformation and is enjoying a new lease of life as a companion for young racehorses with her Suffolk rehomers, the Southcott family.

When World Horse Welfare Field Officer Nick White first visited Polaris in January 2016, he found her in fly-grazing in a field on Purley Way in Croydon with one other young foal and a mare in poor condition. Nick said:

“Polaris was a small 12hh yearling and I was really shocked at her condition. She had a very thick winter coat but when you felt through this she was just skin and bone underneath-running my hands over her was just like feeling a skeleton through that hair. Her coat was poor, she was suffering from lice and also appeared to have a worm burden, leaving her weak and struggling to survive.

“Despite making extensive enquiries, no owner could be located and so Polaris and her young companion were removed to the safety of World Horse Welfare’s Glenda Spooner Farm in Somerset.”

Polaris underwent several months of veterinary treatment as she recovered from her terrible start in life and once her rehabilitation was complete, she found a loving new home on World Horse Welfare’s Rehoming Scheme with the Southcott family in Saxmundham, Suffolk. Nick travelled to meet Polaris and her rehomers just less than two years since her rescue. He said:

“The way she looks today is absolutely magnificent, I hardly recognised her and she is an absolute credit to the team at Glenda Spooner Farm. From rescue to rehabilitation, the next and most vital step in a horse’s future is the role of the rehomer and we couldn’t continue our work without them.”

Ian Southcott is a racehorse owner and was looking for a youngster to be a companion for promising young filly, Swell Song. He said:

“We saw Polaris and were absolutely taken with her. When she arrived, she stepped off the lorry after her long journey and she seemed instantly at home. Ever since then she has been part of the family and we love her to bits. She sometimes thinks she too is a Thoroughbred when you watch her and her companion galloping around the field together!

“We had no idea of the circumstances in which Polaris had been rescued and it is absolutely incredible that she has turned out into this stunning horse that is so content and full of life. She is very special and it is thanks to Nick and all the team at World Horse Welfare that she is here today and such a lovely horse at that!”

Nick said:

“It is heart-warming to see Polaris in such a caring home where she will be looked after and have a home for life. As with all of our rehomed horses and ponies, Polaris will be visited twice a year by a World Horse Welfare Field Officer and it is great to know that we will always be there to offer any help and support to both Polaris and herrehomer.

“Her welfare will be safeguarded for life and she undoubtedly has a very bright future ahead.”

To find out more about rehoming visit: www.worldhorsewelfare.org/rehoming

If you would like to enquire about attending then please email: caryssamuel@worldhorsewelfare.org or jessicastark@worldhorsewelfare.org

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