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Beat those winter blues with these great pro tips

Some great tips from leading riders to help beat the winter blues.

Becky Moody © Kevin Sparrow Photography

Becky Moody – Dressage Rider, courtesy of Childéric Saddles

“Insulated breeches and down to the knee coat – I used to suffer with HORRENDOUS chilblains, but since using both I haven’t had any at all!”


Heloise Wilson-Smith, International Polo Player Courtesy of Sylvia Kerr Jewellery

“My top tip for getting through winter would be layering and good footwear. Dress according to the weather and keep the sun in your heart all winter long. For winter polo in the UK it’s all about long sleeved base layers, thermal socks and a warming drink post polo.” 

Jay Hallam, courtesy of MDIRF


Jay Hallam, Courtesy of Mark Davies Injured Riders Fund Charity

“Lunging a fresh or clipped horse before you ride is a great way to warm up their backs and allow your horse to let off steam before you get in the saddle. Incorporating lunging into your winter training routine allows you to train your horse effectively on the ground and is a great alternative to riding especially if pushed for time.”

Eliza © Sam Connor

Eliza Stoddart, Eventer courtesy of Aloeride


“Have a winter goal or aim for each horse, this way you will be improving yourself and the horse ahead of next Eventing season. Registering a horse for British Show-jumping or British Dressage is worthwhile and can elevate your performance!”

Henry Boswell -Childéric Saddles © Kevin Sparrrow


Henry Boswell, Dressage Rider Courtesy of Childéric Saddles

“Don’t slow down enough to get cold!!! Make sure you give your horses a longer warming up period as well!!! Winter breeches and gloves are a must!!!”

Shoot for Renwick and Sons with Natasha and Lorraine Baker

Natasha Baker, Paralympic Dressage Rider, Multi Gold Medallist & MBE Courtesy of Renwick & Sons & Golly Galoshes


“It sounds simple but keep warm! Invest in some great winter breeches or thermals and an exercise rug for your horse. There’s nothing worse than being cold when riding, as your muscles can’t work at their best, same goes for the horses.”

Antonia Brown


Antonia Brown, Dressage Rider, Courtesy Of Childéric Saddles

“All I dream of in the Winter is a roof to go over the School…. but back in the real world – any gloves that will truly keep my hands Warm and to keep a yard full of lovely horses to keep me happy.”


Julie Blanchard

Julie Blanchard, Dressage Rider, Courtesy Of Childéric Saddles

“Last year I invested in a long waterproof coat a thick duvet coat and good boots. Don’t think I would have made it through without.  This year I think I could go with so many of the comments but got to be a holiday in the sun then crack on to find a new pony for me to enjoy.”

Gemma Tattersall © Jon Stroud Media


Gemma Tattersall Olympic Eventer Courtesy Of Childéric Saddles & Timothy Foxx

“Surviving winter def means going away! I’ve been in Florida on a ‘busmans’ holiday teaching and relaxing, then went to Goa over Christmas. Now back I will be doing plenty of SJ with some of my young jumpers and Eventers, plus some dressage training.”

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