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Brooke’s My Hackathon relaunches for 2018

Equestrians Harry Meade, Richard Waygood, Gemma Tattersall, Charlotte Dujardin and Alice Oppenheimer are lending their support to Brooke’s My Hackathon, the annual challenge for riders across the U.K. to hack 100 miles in 100 days and raise £100 to help improve the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules and the people who depend on them. My Hackathon launches today, and runs until the end of October 2018.

Claire Harker with Rock ©

Richard Waygood, already a Brooke ambassador and performance manager for the British Eventing Team, supported the fundraiser last year and is backing it again. He said:

“I’m proud to support Brooke’s My Hackathon again this year. Hacking is essential for a healthy, happy horse, and it’s good for you too. With spring just on the horizon the time is perfect to get out there, ride and raise funds for this wonderful cause. Working horses, donkeys and mules around the world will thank you for it!”

Joining the famous equestrians are author and Brooke’s Every Horse Remembered ambassador Hannah Russell and rider Claire Harker, who runs the Instagram account @life_through_the_ears, and will be the face of the campaign. Claire took part in My Hackathon in 2017 and raised over £450 for Brooke, and this year was keen to help Brooke make it bigger and better. She said:

“We can’t wait to get involved with My Hackathon this year. Rock and I had a great time last year and we’re really looking forward to clocking up another 100 miles for Brooke.”

“Join us on Instagram and share pictures of your rides using the hashtag #MyHackathon!”

This year My Hackathon will also have an element of Every Horse Remembered, Brooke’s campaign for 2018 that marks 100 years since the end of the First World War. Sunday 1 July 2018 marks the anniversary of the battle of the Somme, which took place in 1916 and claimed the lives of. This will be Brooke’s ‘Hack To Remember’ day, where all riders hack out on the same day to honour the horses, donkeys and mules of the past. If you have ever loved a horse, join Brooke and share your message and pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. By using the hashtag #MyHackathon, riders nationwide will be part of an online community where they can share their successes and photos with each other and spread the Hackathon message.

Brooke are also launching My Mini Hackathon for younger riders and horses with shorter legs, suggesting supporters lead their ponies 10 miles in 100 days to raise £100.  The 100 miles can also be split between groups of friends who want to sign up for the challenge together.

The challenge is free to enter and prizes, including certificates, badges and rosettes, will be awarded to those who reach or exceed their goal of £100. Brooke estimates that it costs £4.50 to reach one animal through their work overseas, which means that with a fundraising target of £100 each rider will be helping a horse like theirs with every 4.5 miles they hack. In 2017, hackers helped raise £20k, which is 4,444 horses, donkeys or mules!

Go to or search ‘My Hackathon’ to find out more and sign up.

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