Tuesday 11th of June 2024

For the Yard

Centaur Rug Dryer

There is no looking back once you’ve got your soggy hands on a Centaur rug dryer. What a lifesaver but it is a serious investment. Gone are the days of dragging drenched rugs around the yard but I would recommend getting a timer switch from your local DIY shop as I have been known to forget to turn it off.

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BEDMAX Shavings offers you a 100% natural, dust free horse bedding developed and made specifically to help you keep your horse healthy, happy and comfortable in the stable.

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A brilliant idea! A great time saving gadget saving you the need to constantly tie and untie haynets. I gave the HAYM8 the ultimate test using it on the cheeky youngster who is forever playing games with his hay net.

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VIDEO: Noble Outfitters’ Wave Fork

VIDEO: Watch Sophie, from our Tried & Tested panel, road test the Noble Outfitters Wave Fork, to see if its innovative design delivers on performance

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Veterinus Derma Gel

Simply a must have in the first aid box. It worked wonders when a young horse grazed his knees on the concrete, providing a difficult area to treat

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High Performance Paint from Konig Colours

It’s hardly time for a redesign as we head into the Winter, but spend these dark months planning your Spring makeover with KONIG Colours gorgeous debut paint range. I’m thinking the stable doors at GPHQ need a new lick and with these stunning colours, the tricky part is choosing which one!

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Sweat Scraper

Needing no introduction, we all know that the sweat scraper is a useful piece of kit for a quick wash off but when dealing with a horse suffering from heat stroke and requiring rapid cooling, it really is essential for ensuring the water is removed as quickly as possible.

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The H-Trap

I have used the H-Trap for a season now and wouldn’t be without them. We put one by the fields and one by the swimming pool where we kept being bitten by the horseflies ourselves.

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We have all seen Sudocrem about the place but it is truly brilliant for a myriad of ailments for both the horse and the rider. I use mine the most on a very itchy 11.2h pony. He manages to ruin his tail every year when the flies come out and its soothing powers definitely ease the itch.

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3M Vetrap Bandaging Tape

3M Vetrap Bandaging Tape has so many uses. It doesn’t slip as it sticks to itself, but can still be repositioned and is the most effective way of keeping a sterile dressing on an awkward place. It is also excellent for holding a poultice on the foot.

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Grand Prix Leather Gloss

The question is clean tack or shiny tack? Grand Prix Leather Gloss like many other products nourishes you leather keeping it supple. Where Grand Prix Leather Gloss is in a league of its own is in the long lasting shine it gives your tack, with no extra effort.

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