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February’s Book List

This month’s book list includes an attainable 9 week plan to get riding fit, the latest from the popular Fergus the Horse series, the epic true story of one man, his dog, and how they found each other and a must have soundtrack from an award winning film! 

fit to ride

Fit to Ride in 9 Weeks!

Heather Sansom has created an attainable 9 week plan to give all riders the straightness, suppleness, strength and stamina they need to not only ride well but to feel good while doing it. 


Fergus: A horse to be reckoned with

Explores natural horsemanship training techniques via a comical conversation between Fergus and ‘The Lad’ – a young boy who is determined to ride him. Endlessly entertaining and intentionally educational it is certain to inspire laughter in adults and young readers alike.

acupressure for horses

Acupressure for Horses: Hands-On Techniques to Solve Performance Problems and Ease Pain and Discomfort

Acupressure is an effective treatment for horses with many of the benefits of acupuncture. As the therapeutic effects are not as intense or as deep as those produced by acupuncture, it can be learned and applied by horse owners and trainers alike, and used as a complement to professional veterinary care.

horse speak

Horse Speak: An Equine-Human Translation Guide: Conversations with Horses in Their Language

It can be used by any individual who works with horses and it promises improved understanding of what a horse is trying to say as well as providing the simple responses that one could use. 


Arthur: The dog who crossed the jungle to find a home

The epic true story of one man, his dog, and how they found each other.


Lion: A Long Way Home

Lion is the heartbreaking and inspiring original true story of the lost little boy who found his way home twenty-five years later and is now a major film starring Dev Patel, Nicole Kidman and Rooney Mara.


The Yorkshire Shepherdess

A Year in the Life of the Yorkshire Shepherdess

The age-old cycles of a farming year and the constant challenges the family faces, from being cut off in winter to tending their flock on some of Yorkshire’s highest, bleakest moors.


A Gardener’s Guide to Snowdrops

Celebrating their beauty and magical annual resurrection, and describes the twenty known species and more than fifteen hundred named snowdrops that are available to gardeners.

La La Land

La La Land CD

The soundtrack to the award winning romantic musical comedy-drama film with vocal performances from stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling.


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