Thursday 28th of October 2021

FEI statement – Jumping Individual 2nd Qualifier

Two horse/rider combinations were disqualified from today’s combined Jumping Individual 2nd Qualifier and Jumping Team Round 1 after blood was found on the horses’ flanks.

Stephan de Freitas Barcha and the horse is Landpeter Do Feroleto © Arnd Bronkhorst

Stephan de Freitas Barcha and the horse is Landpeter Do Feroleto
© Arnd Bronkhorst

Cassio Rivetti (UKR) with Fine Fleur du Marais, and Stephan De Freitas Barcha (BRA) riding Landpeter Do Feroleto will not be eligible to participate in the second round of the competition tomorrow, the Jumping Individual 3rd Qualifier and Team Round 2 (Team Final).

Stephan Ellenbruch, President of the Rio 2016 Equestrian Olympic Ground Jury, stated:

“Horse Welfare is the most important element of equestrian sport. Disqualification under this rule does not imply that there was intent to injure the horse, but it is essential that the rules are enforced in order to ensure that horse welfare ‎is protected.”


*Please see FEI rule below:

Article 242.3.1 Horses bleeding on the flank(s), in the mouth or nose or marks indicating excessive use of spurs or of the whip anywhere on the Horse (in minor cases of blood in the mouth, such as where a Horse appears to have bitten its tongue or lip, Officials may authorize the rinsing or wiping of the mouth and allow the Athlete to continue; any further evidence of blood in the mouth will result in Disqualification.)

Brazilian team Veterinarian Rogério Saito said:

“Stephan used the spurs during the competition to encourage the horse but unfortunately broke the skin, resulting in mandatory disqualification, which is clearly set out in the rules of our sport,” 

The Brazilian team filed a protest to the Ground Jury against Stephan de Freitas Barcha’s disqualification. The Ground Jury issued their decision confirming the disqualification. An appeal against the decision of the Ground Jury was subsequently lodged with the Appeals Committee, which also confirmed the disqualification.

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