Saturday 13th of April 2024

Hump Day Hip Stretch with Chukka Wellness

Do you suffer from tight hip flexors? Have you ever pulled your ‘rider’s muscle’? Or struggle to perform a squat correctly? Well India is back with a couple of exercises to help you improve hip


1. Start sat on your tail bone with your legs planted in front of you.
2. Drop both knees down to one side to feel a stretch in the hip flexors.
3. Gently raise them up to the centre then down to the other side.
4. Come up on to one knee keeping both hands planted next to the front foot.
5. Drive your back hip forwards and backwards in a pulsing motion
6. Lift both arms up to the sky and stretch over to the front knee




1. Step one foot forward and keep it straight
2. Bend the back leg and drop your chest forward towards the front knee
3. Sweep your arms forward and stand up as you raise your arms back up
4. Keep both feet together, push your hips back and drop your upper body forward
keeping a straight back and hold
5. Then completely relax your upper body and arms down towards the ground. Hold.
6. Come up into a straight back and repeat the exercise again.


For more information on how to bulletproof your body and become twice as supple, stable and strong in the saddle, Chukka Wellness has created a virtual fitness membership hub aka ‘The Chukka Hub’. The hub is full of rider specific workouts, mobility and stretching routines, nutritional guidance, interviews from some of the world’s top players and so much more!!! In February the hub will also be launching an interactive 8-week pre-season training programme to get polo players fit for the next UK season!

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