Saturday 8th of May 2021

James Wells awarded for Hickstead dedication

The chosen recipient of this year’s Dorian Williams Trophy was James Wells, a member of the groundstaff.

James started helping out at Hickstead at the age of 12, first of all lending a hand during school holidays, and became a full-time member of staff after he finished school.

Now 28, James is an integral member of the team, and has worked exceptionally hard in the run up to the shows.

“He is always the first to volunteer to put in extra hours when needed, there isn’t a machine on the showground that he can’t operate, and he is quite rightly proud of his beautifully mown turf with perfectly straight stripes,” said Hickstead Director Edward Bunn.

“Despite being born with disabilities, it has never affected his ability to do his job. He is hard working, wonderfully capable and dedicated to his career.  He is Hickstead through and through.”

The Dorian Williams Trophy is presented annually to someone who has made a special contribution to the running of Hickstead’s events.

The Bunn Family also gave a special thank you to the entire ground crew, who worked tirelessly to ensure perfect going in all the arenas despite the hot, dry summer. 

The Horse Health Horsemastership Trophy was awarded to Maria-Chiara de Crescenzo, the groom of Belgian rider Francois Mathy Jr, while the Hickstead gold medal for the best performance throughout the season was presented to Al Shira’aa Derby winner William Funnell.

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