Friday 12th of April 2024

Living the luxury life: The Life of Brian, Part 6

Brian, our roving rover sniffs out the best buys for discerning pooches in his dedicated blog to all things dog. From field (and stable) to city, our pooch is on a mission to discover the best products for doggies with style.

This month I’ve decided I need more SPA days (Special Pawsome Attention) days, so I’ve taken some time out to kick back and look for some luxury stuff that us dogs need in our lives..

I like to recline in style so where better to relax than in a designer dog bed? I am in love with this beautiful bed with its soft, comfy cushion and country styling. They come in four different sizes, and because they do bespoke, they could apparently even make me my very own ‘Brian Bed’. The humans would be happy too as they could get one to match the furnishings (which I mostly chewed through when I was a tiny puppy). Fortunately these days, I’m a bit more grown up so chilling rather than chewing is my favourite past time!

The Pink Whiskers Game & Floral Bed Starts At RRP: £395

Every dog deserves treats now and again and so for the ultimate stash; I highly recommend your humans get you one of these. Cleverly labelled, so you humans will never get it mixed up with cookie jar (Although let’s face it, I’m not bothered!!) this gorgeous handcrafted ceramic jar will keep your treats fresh and instantly available. No more rummaging around in the back of the cupboard or pockets and this jar looks so good, they won’t want to hide it away!


I do love London life, but it can be a bit hectic (all those smells to sniff out). So, for those of us who like to take some time out and take a relaxing bath (there are some of us who do enjoy the experience you know?!) Purple Bone in Nottinghill Gate & Chelsea in London is a one-stop pamper place for pooches. Offering a variety of grooming services including their full grooming session, you start off with a consultation with your doggy hairdresser and human followed by a hair cut, wash and blow-dry with a finishing spray along with a few other extras such as ear cleansing if required. The whole pamper experience starts from £55 upwards depending on the size of the dog and they don’t include any special hair dyes, colourants or novelty treatments, so us dogs can rest assured that we come out the same colour as we went in (but looking cleaner, smarter and smelling better too!)

Now I couldn’t NOT include a luxury dog-friendly hotel, and after all, I need somewhere to rest my paws after treading the pavements all day with my new ‘Just stepped out of a salon’ hair, and this place sounds amazing!  The Sheraton London Park Lane Hotel offers effortless travel to all of its guests, no matter who they are travelling with. Dogs are very welcome in all areas of the hotel, excluding the Palm Court and Mercante, and are able to stay in all of the guest rooms at no extra cost. A complimentary dog walking service is also available on request.

Pictured are the two hotel’s Dalmatian mascots. Apparently, they were appointed following a national call out to find the modern day Pongo & Perdy, to become the hotel’s official mascots, to mark 55 years since Disney’s 101 Dalmatians arrived on UK shores (much of which was set in Green Park opposite the hotel). Hoping to get to meet these two chaps when I visit as I think we’d have a great time re-enacting some of the famous chase scenes!

Starting rate is £230 (room only)

I love polo (polo the game, polo the mints) and so when I saw this Hennessy & Polo Club Leather Dog Collar, I just had to include it this month. Giving you all the designer allure a pooch could need in his everyday wardrobe, this discerning dog collar is made from a gorgeous calf leather, water resistant lining and dog name tag.

With a matching lead also available, I think I could certainly go walkies with this one!

RRP: £34


Now you humans have perfume, and now us pooches have called Pawfume. The brainchild of a dog groomer who wanted to give the more sophisticated dogs amongst us something more than talc powder as a finishing touch.

You can choose from thirteen pawsome scents which have all been specifically designed for dogs and feature chamomile and aloe vera also to help promote gorgeous coat condition. Just two sprays are all you need to keep your dog smelling gorgeous for two – three days.

Every Pawfume smells similar to the popular designer fragrances us humans know and love, and I tried out two scents: John Paw Gotea and Dog In A Million.

To say that the ladies adored me and my new smell was an understatement, all they wanted to do was pick me up and cuddle me. My humans even let me relax for a couple of hours on their bed one evening, I was smelling THAT good (Normally it’s my bed on the floor). Easy to use and not the least over powering in smell, I love having my own cologne shelf and am hoping we can add more alluring smells from their range as apparently they believe all dogs should smell like a VIP (Very important pooch) and I’ll bark in favour of that!

RRP: £6 – £7.99

Available in 100ml spray bottles.

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