Sunday 7th of April 2024

New online fitness hub launches for polo players

With safety of paramount importance both for us, our loved ones and the NHS, lockdown life is set to last for quite a few more weeks.   We caught up with India Parker-Smith from Chukka Wellness about her personal training business and the launch of her new online fitness hub to keep polo players fit at home while they wait for the season to start.

Tell us about Chukka Wellness:

We are a company dedicated to helping polo players become fitter & stronger. We have just launched our online Membership Hub, the CHUKKA Hub, a virtual fitness resource especially designed to keep polo players fit and healthy.

What does membership entail:

Members can choose from over 40 polo specific workouts (core, balance, agility, upper body, reaction time) and have access to stretching and mobility routines. The workouts are suitable for all levels and abilities and designed to simulate the movement patterns of polo. Not only do they focus on exercise but nutrition too; gain access to simple recipes, meal suggestions and pre and post chukka snacks to ensure you are well fuelled for your chukkas and recovery quicker too.

There is also an in-hub community (where polo clubs/teams can join or create there own discussions boards, set challenges and access our helpful articles and player interviews). Players will have access to motivational tools such as goal setting, fitness testing and workout schedule templates to keep them on track with their fitness targets. The website is mobile friendly so you can follow workouts anywhere in the world from your kitchen to the polo field and access nutritional tools – great for when you are walking around the supermarket.

There is also a Wix App available where players can gain access to the instant messaging feature which allows you to interact with fellow CW members and me. The App itself also includes ChukkaChallenges you can set yourself or fellow players, priority access to fitness class bookings and the chance to join polo club, team discussion boards. Membership also gets you discounts on other Chukka Wellness products. Join now and receive an introductory 30% off the full price.


* Staying fit and healthy will help contribute to peak athletic performance in preparation for the polo season 

* Improved fitness and body maintenance will lead to quicker recovery rates – prolonging high quality play time

* Setting goals, eating correctly and staying active improves physical and mental health (something that people may be struggling with during the lockdown period)

* A sense of community within the hub – an area where players can discuss fitness questions, tips and set each other challenges (great for team bonding and ensuring the team/club stays fit for polo)

* Great for polo clubs and teams who have access to Fitness Testing, Workout Scheduling and Goal Setting tools which can be used to monitor fitness levels and team/player progression

* The ChukkaChallenges can add a competitive and fun element to team fitness training and inter-team/club friendly rivalry

* The hub suits all player levels & fitness abilities and ensures each client receives an all round health boost

* The nutritional tools are simple and easy to follow to help players stay well-fuelled during the busy polo season

* The stretching and mobility routines help reduce the risk of injuries for team players ensuring the team stays strong and recovers well

* The live stream feature ensures players stay motivated during weekly workouts and that exercise technique is correct (something that a lot of people get wrong in the gym resulting in injury)

* The 30% off introductory offer means the hub is affordable for everyone!

Here are our top most frequently asked questions that you may find useful…

1. What level of fitness/ polo player do you have to be in order to benefit from the hub? 

Any level; we have workouts and resources to suit all levels of fitness and polo handicaps!

2. Can I access the hub on my phone? 

Yes you can access your workouts, recipes and stretches through your phone. We also have an app you can download for instant messaging with other members and Chukka Wellness. 
You can also create your own discussion board with your polo team/club to create challenges, fitness tracking etc (great to keep team bonding and morale up during lockdown)

3. How do I stay motivated to use the hub regularly?

We are constantly updating the hub with new workouts, player interviews, stretching routines, recipes etc and collaborating with new polo companies (who will offer discounts and further helpful content)
We have goal setting resources along with workout scheduling and fitness testing to ensure you stay on track with your fitness mission!
If your motivation levels start to slip, you also have access to instant messaging and LIVE workouts with Chukka Wellness.

 4. How much is it to join the hub?

£19.99/month (That’s with our 30% Off introductory Offer )

5. Where do I sign up?

Right here!

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