Tuesday 21st of March 2023

Painting up for auction to raise awareness for The ME Association

A signed painting of Mary King and Apache Sauce at The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials by talented young artist and ME sufferer Jenna Green is up for auction to raise awareness for The ME Association. 

The beautiful painting signed by both Jenna Green and Mary King featuring Mary and Apache Sauce at The Land Rover Horse Trials in 2010 is up for auction HERE until 19th October.

Created in oil based pencils on 300g/m paper, the piece is also framed, with a double mount. It will arrive with a certificate of authenticity alongside a receipt of donation. 

This piece is being auctioned to raise awareness for The ME Association; 30% of the money generated from its sale will be donated. Prints and merchandise will also be available at a later date, with 40% of their profits also being donated.

Jenna’s Story

I’ve suffered from ME since I was about 7 years old, and always had dreams of becoming an event rider. Mary has been one of my biggest idols since I was a young girl! As my condition developed I was forced to stop doing the things I loved, and had to leave school before I sat my GCSE’s.

Eventually when I was 16 I managed to get a horse however he was sadly put down 4 months later due to a long term condition that I was unaware of. After that, my health declined again, and I was stuck with symptoms like brain fog, extreme fatigue, pain and sometimes full body paralysis. I was wheelchair bound for a short period of time, and spent a few weeks becoming paralysed daily.

The ME Association is working towards not only more support for sufferers, but also better diagnostic testing and research. The NHS and other medical bodies have only just accepted CFS as a neurological condition, however they still don’t have the understanding to treat patients properly.

In Februrary this year I decided to have a go at drawing; if I couldn’t be riding horses, why not create pictures of them! My art seemed to grow in popularity, and I realised that it may be worth doing a piece to help raise money for ME. I knew that Emily (King) suffered from the condition when she was younger, so I thought that it may be a good idea trying to get such a legendary event rider on board to raise awareness. I didn’t expect anything to come from it but luckily Mary immediately agreed. She spoke of the symptoms Emily had been through and how she managed to recover. 

Approximately 250,000 people suffer from this condition in the U.K. alone, and it’s been widely ignored or stigmatised until this point. The fact that it’s invisible to the naked eye means that many people overlook us, and I feel that it’s time that people start paying attention to the men, women and children out there that are battling this daily. Whilst every donation helps, it’s also important to simply ask people if they’re doing ok, and to just check in. There are so many people dealing with crippling loneliness as a result of this devastating condition.

View the auction HERE


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