Thursday 8th of April 2021
Para Power

Para Power: Laura Gulliver, Part Ten

We catch up with Laura Gulliver, Grade IV Para rider as she continues to make great progress on her inspiring journey with her horse Natalia.

Natalia has continued with her best behaviour, being super relaxed but keen to learn. We even had a milestone moment (caught on camera for evidence) she actually put her head inside a plastic sack – now for a horse that has spent years claiming even the smallest carrier bag is worthy of dragon like snorting I really do believe she is finally growing up, well that’s of course if she hasn’t been swapped overnight for a lookalike!

She has gained some solid scores (despite melting in the heat wave and horse flies as extra passengers) at medium and also collected up points at Paras.

All being well I am now aiming her at the silver Para Championships at the end of August. At this stage I am trying not to get my hopes too high as with horses when you are on an up it can so easily all change, as I know only to well.

I’ve recently had the opportunity to spend time around the warm up arenas at some Premiere League Competitions. Not only is it lovely to be inspired by these competitors but I’ve also found it to be a most educational experience. It’s amazing what you can learn just by listening in on a trainer warming their pupils up before a class.

A particular favourite to earwig in on is Anna Ross (Sorry Anna if you read this – I promise I am not a stalker or undercover spy! Just trying to soak up knowledge) Anna is very entertaining and full of techniques and exercises, each and every one of her horses and riders are warmed up differently.

So my top tip if you are lacking in cash but are desperate to learn is to trot down to a high profile show and watch, listen and learn from the professionals – it’s all for free after all.

At the moment I have a project underway as I am helping a registered charity named Ride High which is based in Milton Keynes and helps disadvantaged children and those having difficulties in their daily life, by giving them the opportunity to learn to ride and look after horses and ponies.

I am part of the team tasked with helping them find new suitable horses and ponies of their own.

Our main aim is to find safe, kind and sensible animals any age/gender/colour/size. Ride High can offer a forever home, so if anyone has something to loan or sell (we have a small budget) please get in touch or you can contact myself.

Lets help this fantastic charity find these special kids some special horses, please let your horsey contacts know.

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