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Pimp my trailer…Willy’s Wine Bar

Who wouldn’t want this gorgeously pimped trailer rocking up at their summer party?!

When we first discovered The Camper Vin Company, our minds went into overdrive as to how we could book Will Spier’s most recent party piece, Willy’s Wine Bar.

Whilst there may be the small issue of budget constraints for a darn good knees up right now, a favourite motto at GPHQ is ‘never say never’!  We caught up with Will to find out what is involved with pimping such vintage classics, having started out with camper vans.

Horse Trailer


What made you decide to add a trailer to the fleet?

We do a lot of work with racecourses and the polo for example and thought it would open up different markets to the CamperVins that we had been running so decided to bite the bullet and get one made for 2015

How many trailers did you have to view to know the design would work?

We knew straight away and I had a great conversation with my joiner and metal work engineer about the idea and we agreed it would be really practical as well as beautiful!!

Have you ever run out of booze?

Not yet, we have had to make mad dashes to pick up extra stock a few times when people have suddenly started drinking one drink more than any others but we can carry enough for any event in the front.

How much does it cost to hire one?

There is a set up charge involved but it depends on where the event is, we are based in Gloucestershire so the closer it is the cheaper it is but we try to represent great value.

What are the tricky parts to the design – storage, security etc?

Storage is a challenge, I seem to be accumulating vans, trailers and shelves and shelves of boxes and things but a local farmer helps us out with that at the moment so we are quite fortunate in that respect and the only other thing is having to build the bar in front of the van at each event but we’re generally set up and ready to go in well under an hour

Are there any places Willy’s Wine Bar wouldn’t be able to get to?

So long as we can tow it through the gap then we should be able to get to most places. We did have to cancel one booking where the client wanted it to go down a flight of 400 year old steps but apart from that we haven’t had any other real issues – yet!

Where can we see Willy’s this summer?

It’s going to be really busy which is great news so it will be at Sandown Races, Cirencester Polo, Market Rasen Races, 4 weddings, a charity walk at the Badminton estate, Oxford Foodies and Bath Races over the next 10 weeks

If you would like to find out more about booking Willy’s Wine Bar for an event, call Will on 07500 802753 (and don’t forget our invite!)

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