Friday 12th of April 2024

Positive Thoughts with….Vanessa Ryle

We all need some positivity in our lives at the mo, things are still quite uncertain, the news is pretty temperamental and even with the imminent clock change, moods, I know here, continue to fluctuate. So as the saying goes, positivity breeds positivity and we’ll be sharing the positive thoughts from some friends of The Gaitpost over the coming weeks. 

First up is Vanessa Ryle, Sky Sports producer, presenter and lover of all things horse racing. Vanessa is one of life’s go getters and my go-to person when needing a happiness fix due to her sense of humour and there never being a dull moment in her company.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, Vanessa is a great example for following your dreams and not losing sight of your goals. Having worked as an unpaid intern to learn the ropes for several years before breaking onto our screens, Vanessa won the coveted Women in Racing Bursary and landed her dream job of on screen talent with Sky Sports Racing. Vanessa can be seen weekly on the At The Races digital programme, Off the Fence.

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What gets you out of bed in the morning? 

Fresh air. I thrive off being outside and whether it’s riding the horse, walking the dog, going for a run or getting on a bike, getting outside is the key to my mood. 

What’s the best wellbeing tip you’ve ever learnt?

Get good sleep. Sleep effects everything and not getting enough of it will have negative ramifications throughout your day. Luckily I can sleep anywhere!   

What have you learned recently that will help you in the future?

That it is better to be busy than bored. I’ll never complain about being busy as boredom is far worse. 

What made you laugh today?

I saw a neighbour in fishing waders over the fence cleaning his pond out and I’ve honestly never seen a less attractive sight in my life. What a horrendous piece of clothing. I laughed a lot! 

What’s the quality you rate most in others? And in yourself?

Charm. I know it sounds superficial but if you’re charming you essentially have a way about you that makes people feel good. And if people feel good around you it’s a continuous positive cycle – they want to spend more time with you, work for you, work with you and who knows what those new connections may bring to your life. 

Do you have a well being role model? Who and why?

Alex Hammond (Sky Sports lead presenter) She looks after herself but isn’t ruled by it and as a result, I always get the impression she has the balance right. She looks amazing too! 

What movie, book, blog, or article affected your life for the better recently?

I read a really interesting article in The Bloodstock Notebook on a racehorse owner called Mrs Abercrombie – she’s been married and divorced FIVE times. Not only is it a brilliantly written piece but it reminded me we are only here once and there is no second act!

Where do you find inspiration?

From others around me – my on screen co-workers in particular. They make a hard job looks easy and trust me, it’s not! 


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How do you switch off? What do you do for me-time?

Light the fire and a candle, pour a large Gin and Tonic with loads of ice, put the phone on airplane mode and watch a series. Currently Grey’s Anatomy and I’m well aware I’m 8 years late to this particular party! 

What’s your hero product in times of stress or anxiety?

Rituals The Ritual of Ayurveda Body Scrub – it’s heaven and makes you feel like a new person….followed by a large bar of Galaxy and a Gin and Tonic! 

Who would you most like to sit next to at a dinner party?

Ricky Gervais. 

If you could have a superhero power, what would it be? 

To go back in time. I’d live each day and then go back and live it better on the second time around. 

What would be a good theme tune for your life?

Fleetwood Mac’s Go Your Own Way. It’s pretty much how I live my life – always going my own way! 

Thank you Vanessa for your positive thoughts. You can keep up to date with Vanessa over on Instagram here

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