Wednesday 10th of April 2024

Private Finance: Meet Jamie Rigby

We are delighted to welcome Jamie Rigby, Founder and Director of Kentfield Private Finance, a property finance brokerage with a focus on client service as a regular columnist on The Gaitpost.

In his forthcoming columns, Jamie will be providing updates on the mortgage and property market each month, as well as more focussed pieces on getting yourself ‘mortgage ready’ and how to unlock funding from your property to enhance its value. 

To kick things off, I caught up with Jamie to find out about his equestrian heritage and the impact of Covid-19 on the current property market.

What made you set up Kentfield Private Finance?

I enjoyed my banking career very much, but latterly felt restricted in only being able to provide the client with that particular bank’s products. Also, no matter how good the Banks’ clients were, you were one side of the desk and the clients were on the other. I wanted to provide a holistic service to my clients whilst being totally on their side of the desk – ensuring I put the clients interests before the banks.

I have always known that I would one day work for myself, so being able to help clients get the best possible mortgage solutions and being completely in control of all aspects of the service we offer is fantastic.

So have you worked for financial institutions your whole career?

I studied Business & Finance at the Royal Agricultural College, and worked on behalf of Land Rover whilst studying – assisting Land Rover with activating their equestrian sponsorship programme. It was working with Land Rover that properly introduced me to 3-day eventing, which I now thoroughly enjoy following.

When I graduated from the Royal Agricultural College, I went to work for the agricultural department of a UK bank on their graduate scheme. This eventually led me to running the agricultural and landed estate book for the Midlands. 

After this role, I worked for a Swedish Bank on the private banking side, before moving to a private finance brokerage in Mayfair. I left this company to start Kentfield Private Finance.

What is your favourite part of the job?

I really enjoy meeting new clients and taking time to make sure I understand all of their needs and requirements. All clients are complex, and its so important to not rush this part of the process.

What is happening in the property & mortgage market at the moment?

Well, we’re still able to move house, thankfully, so it’s largely business as usual in the residential market. Except that it’s not. Mortgage applications are up significantly over the last 12 months as the property market enjoys a boom. This has resulted in mortgage lenders being overwhelmed with applications and are also exercising caution due to potential impact on client income from COVID-19.

Rural properties have been a particular focus for us, due to the demand for such properties in and around the Cotswolds, Cornwall, Chilterns and other key areas.

Are Kentfield Private Finance equipped to advise on rural property finance?

Our team have a wide experience in property finance and understand the nuances of rural property. Mortgage lenders can often take issue with such things as extensive outbuildings, larger than normal acreage, granny annexes etc. We are accustomed to rural properties and will always know the best direction to go in depending on the client’s circumstances and/or the subject property.

We work with a number of land agents and property buying agents and we feel confident that we are able to advise on most types of property.

We are really looking forward to Jamie’s valuable advice in his future columns but in the meantime, if you have any queries, visit

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