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The Renwick & Sons Brushware Collection

We have managed to get our hands on one of the first Renwick & Sons grooming kits, which marries science and ergonomics with craftsmanship and wellbeing.

This has to be the ultimate Christmas gift for the seriously stylish equestrian. 

The truly stunning Renwick & Sons Brushware Collection has been created to make light work of this essential part of day to day horse care & competition turn-out. According to the comprehensive guide that accompanied the kit, the more frequently a horse is groomed with the brushes, the less vigour is required each time; drastically reducing the time and effort in keeping your horse looking incredible. 

Proudly designed and manufactured here in the UK, each piece has been ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your hand, ready to tackle the job ahead with outstanding results.

The Heritage Behind The Brand

Since 1798, the family has been producing brushware in the heart of the Northumberland countryside. Over the years, that same passion, British craftsmanship and expertise continues to be passed down through generation after generation and is now presented in this stunning collection of equine brushes. Embracing their heritage while utilising the latest technologies within their carefully orchestrated designs, Renwick & Sons are passionate about crafting beautiful brushes which produce outstanding, fast and efficient results.


The Definitive Grooming Collection

This unique collection has been extensively trialled and developed in close association with the equine world across all disciplines.  Manufactured in small quality controlled batches, Renwick & Sons have incorporated the latest technology, utilising innovative bristles and ergonomically comfortable body, handcrafted from traditional sustainable hardwood.

Perfection By Design

Each of the Renwick & Sons tools features an ergonomic body as the focal point of their design: A natural correlation between ease of use, comfort and to ensure the highest possible performance with outstanding results.  Each tool has been ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your hand including three sized brush options and each created for a specific role within the full grooming process. All the individual brushes are profiled with an adjustable leather strap (choice of coloured leathers with personalisation also available) and feature an elongated cut out section within the head, created for those who wish to hang the brushes. They also feature an exclusive ‘arrowhead’ etched pattern detail to give further stability and grip confidence when in use.

The Science Behind The Collection

So just why are these brushes so special? By combining specific additives and high-grade polymers, Renwick & Sons have been able to incorporate Monotec® ionic bristle filaments into their brushes, which not only offer superior hygiene and cleansing properties but also help prevent bristle shedding.

These additives are harsh on bacteria, dust and dirt yet kind to your horses’ sensitive skin. Monotec® ionic bristles also temporarily reverse the polarity of the horse’s hair molecules from (-) to (+) which attracts the positively charged ions. This operates much in the way a magnet does to metal and helps boost circulation with a soothing effect on the horse, which in turn encourages relaxation and with regular use will encourage smooth, shiny hair with reduced frizz and flyaway. The bristles used by Renwick & Sons are the only ones on the market which work in this way, using the same bristles in brushes for human hair. The Body Brush also features further innovation from Renwick & Sons with the inclusion of Tourmaline, another first in equine grooming brushes. Tourmaline is known to eliminate flyaway and frizzy hair as well as helping to lock in the hair’s natural oils for a smoother, shinier finish.


The Tools 

Each grooming kit contains nine essential grooming tools and comes in a sturdy steel embossed silver briefcase. 

The Hoof Brush & Pick Scraper

This pick scraper is fast and efficient at removing compacted hoof debris with absolute precision. The gold titanium-coated, stainless steel head is angled to help remove mud, rubber chippings and stones and on the reverse side, the double-stiff angled brush allows you to sweep away remaining debris from the sensitive frog area.

The Dandy Brush

Based on a traditional winged hand brush design, the Renwick & Sons Dandy Brush allows for a greater grip and feel, resulting in a firmer brush stroke ability. The Dandy Brush is filled with a combination of several Monotec® bristles: a stiff black-bristled edge offers efficient removal of heavy debris; a central section of mixed medium density bristle for removal of dirt and dust; the soft white bristles provides gliding ease. Alongside the anti-bacterial and ionic bristles, all these features combine to make light work of removing encrusted debris and a great prelude to using the other tools.

The Curry Comb

A simple, yet very useful tool for removing loose hair and scurf. The design takes inspiration from the traditional curry comb and is reinvented as a powerful new grooming tool that embraces Renwick & Sons’ own patented, revolutionary teeth. These teeth flex in use to agitate and give your horse a relaxing massage while bringing dead skin and loose hair to the surface in preparation of the final brush off. Also, ideal for a seasonal change of coat or working through thick winter coats with minimum effort and maximum results. The adjustable leather strap & ergonomic palm seat on the brush add to the performance

The Flick Brush

The Flick Brush makes light work of removing surface debris with its mixture of longer, medium diameter Monotec® bristles. The perfect brush to follow the Curry Comb & Dandy Brush, the design and intelligent grip detail ensure fast effective results

The Face Brush

Designed to allow you to groom sensitive areas with confidence. The Face Brush is built into a miniature wooden winged handle version of the larger Dandy & Flick Brush and has been measured to allow for the most accurate grooming control around this sensitive and delicate area. One-half of the face brush features super soft white anti-bacterial bristles, while the other, a firmer mixture of black and grey anti-bacterial bristles for slightly more stubborn dirt

The Body Brush

Renwick & Sons know that the body brush sits at the centre of every equestrian’s grooming kit and their version is designed to give your horse the ultimate final finish: Making a smooth, shiny, and healthy-looking coat a reality. The soft bristles are efficient yet also gentle on sensitive skin, boasting both anti-bacterial and anti-frizz properties.

The Tail and Mane Brush

The trademarked Renwick & Sons Tail and Mane T Brush has been created to make light work of grooming your horses tail and mane without pulling, breaking or snagging the hair. Featuring two heads: one side presents a stiff anti-bacterial comb, for untangling hair.The reverse side boasts anti-static and anti-bacterial bristles

The Finishing Brush

Recognising that you take pride in presenting your horse with perfection, the Renwick & Sons Finishing Brush offers those seeking the ultimate natural sheen and finish to their horses coat the tool to achieve it. The incredibly soft anti-bacterial bristles stroke each hair strand as you sweep over your horse’s body, giving a truly luxurious finish to the grooming session

The Signature Comb

The Renwick & Sons Comb is an elegantly designed, laser cut stainless steel comb, coated in gold titanium for hard wear. Created to enable fast and effective combing through the brush bristles to loosen deep seated debris at the base of the bristles and additional loose hair, the comb has also been thoughtfully designed so you can use it to prepare the mane for sectioning when plaiting.



The Bespoke Service

Whether you desire an exhibition grade walnut brush body, or buffalo or veal leather straps, contrast stitching, engraving or logo inclusion, the possibilities are limitless and achievable.

For further information and to order exclusively online, visit:

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