Thursday 8th of April 2021




The Blurb

The HAYM8 is a unique, one-handed adaptor that transforms the traditional tie-up method of a standard haynet. This patented device enables for a quick connection and release of the haynet from a wall ring. The HAYM8 slide part allows you to open and close the net to refill with a simple slide action.

Once the unit is closed and lifted the unit locks off the cord so you never need to tie off the cord ever again! The HAYM8 is so quick and easy to use that it will save you time in the stables. Up to 40KG.




The Review

A brilliant idea! A great time saving gadget saving you the need to constantly tie and untie knots. I gave the HAYM8 the ultimate test using it on the cheeky youngster who is forever playing games with his hay net. Normally his net is so twisted round in the morning I can’t even find the knot, or it is no longer even on the wall! 

The HAYM8 did exactly what it said on the box! It was speedy and easy to fill the net and then one click and its hanging up! There was no pulling and struggling to get the hay net high enough before you tie a knot, it was so easy just lift up and click! In the morning there were no twists, it was just one squeeze on the quick release tabs and it was down, ready to be refilled! My youngster will now have to find a new game to play! 

I would highly recommend a HAYM8, especially in this weather when your fingers are so cold they can’t function to tie knots and even if you’re wearing gloves it can make them a fiddly and frustrating task!

HAYM8, £14.99


Value for Money: Value for Money
Ease of Use: Value for Money
Effectiveness: Value for Money
Would Recommend: Value for Money

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