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Pro Secrets

Showing Supremo Rory Gilsenan

 May 2014

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Ahead of judging this year’s Ridden Hunter Championship and the 4 year old Ridden Hunter class, which hopefully will produce future Ridden Hunter Champions, at Royal Windsor Horse Show, leading show producer, Rory Gilsenan, shares his Pro Secrets with The Gaitpost.


With an impressive list of accolades to his name, most notably Working Hunter Champion twice at Royal International Horse Show, Rory’s vast experience will no doubt be on show this week.


TGP: Firstly, many congratulations on your judging appointment at such a prestigious show.  What is your fondest memory of Royal Windsor?
RG: On my first visit to Windsor, when I was just out of college and had no idea where I was, I asked Bridget Stack who lived in the gaff at the top of the hill!


What or who inspires you within the equestrian world?
RG: Showing supremo Roger Stack, when he first came to England and Marcus Ehning.


TGP: Do you have a favourite equestrian possession?
RG: My Patey bowler hat


TGP: Is there an all time favourite yard/stables that you’ve been too?  And why?
RG: Having the full guided tour of Badminton Estate and yard by Brian Higham. It is extremely impressive.


TGP: Which country in your opinion does equestrian best? And why?
RG: Ireland for breeding, although England has the best infrastructure for production, such as facilities, training, events and societies and they lead to Great Britain being world No. 1 in most disciplines.


TGP: Do you have an equestrian hero?
RG: Eddie Macken


TGP: What is the quality that you most like in a horse?
RG: Willingness and soundness


TGP: If you weren’t a professional show producer, what would you be doing?
RG: Playing golf !


TGP:  Tell us something about yourself only you know.
RG: I would leave showing to sing if I was good enough to entertain thousands of people.


TGP: What is the most valuable piece of advice you have been given and who gave it to you?
RG: Don’t eat yellow snow ! My wife!


TGP: What would be your message to the equestrian world?
RG: To be realistic with regards to your own ability and find the right horse to suit you.


TGP: Do you have a secret superstition before an event?
RG: The harder I practise, the luckier I get before an event.  I never feel ready if I have not done the work at home.


TGP: What are your top 5 indispensable pieces of kit, for you or your horse?
RG: My wife Vanessa, with her thermal imaging camera and cold laser to keep the horses sound and on the road, the best quality saddle you can afford, comfortable riding boots, a good horse box and a big selection of all kinds of bits.
Against the Clock:
Dick Francis or Jilly Cooper? Dick Francis
Windsor or Olympia? Windsor
Sand or snow? Sand
Tea or G&T? Tea
Bay or Grey? Bay …they are easier to keep clean!
TGP:  Thank you so much for sharing your Pro Secrets with The Gaitpost.  I know you are going to have a fascinating week.


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