Tuesday 17th of May 2022
All in a day's work

Simone Faby

We caught up with Simone Faby, BSc (Hons) MBant, Lead Nutrition & Weight Loss Practitioner at Très Health and Très Rider Services, Chelsea London to find out what her working day involves…



 “I never leave home without a proper breakfast, as this will set my energy and mood for the day. I vary my breakfast choices according to the seasons. At the moment I am really enjoying gluten free home-made granola, berries, freshly grounded seeds and live yogurt followed by a cup of black coffee. I always allow time to prepare my 15-year-old twins sons’ breakfast and my own lunch before heading off to work.


I am very lucky to live in Chelsea just a few miles from the clinic and weather permitting; I try to walk to Chelsea Bridge. It is a beautiful walk along the Thames and through Battersea Park and really energizing also contributing to my goal of achieving 10,000 steps per day!

The clinic’s location is stunning: On the river front and really peaceful and I really believe patients appreciate such a wonderful environment when they come for their appointments.

Before I start my consultations, I familiarize myself with the client’s questionnaires and food diaries, which have been filled out by my patients, ahead of our appointments, and we also have a brief team meeting with the clinic’s physios, sport coaches and nurses to discuss each patient’s goals.

Très Health has a very unique and holistic approach to patients’ health in that we share our expertise and knowledge to design our patient’s optimum treatment plan.

Each consultation lasts one hour, during which I ask my patient a wide range of questions from workload, family health history, lifestyle, eating habits, exercise routine etc.

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My role is to create a nutrition plan which will be feasible and realistic for each patient: For example if I have a professional equestrian athlete who spends most of his days in the saddle, I’d need to give him or her very practical advice on how to achieve a balanced diet rich in lean sources of protein for his muscle strength and repair.

An ideal rider’s diet would also need to include healthy fats for concentration and strong immune system and carbohydrates for quick boost of energy. 

Vitamins, minerals and hydration are also of upmost importance for sports performance as well. Riders also need to pay particular attention to their meals timing, as the balance of each food group at specific times of the day will ensure they have sustained energy and concentration throughout the day.

I really enjoy the challenge of finding ways to improve my patients’ health through their diet which will fit their lifestyle and taste buds and this can be achieved through easy recipes, shopping lists, going through their kitchen cupboards and chucking out unhealthy food or going food shopping with them.

I always keep in mind that we have very busy lives with food temptations everywhere, so I have to come up with easy and tasty suggestions. Pleasure should always be one of the diet’s components!!

During my day’s work, I always make sure I have a relaxing break at lunchtime to have my meal, as there are not many healthy options in the area. I quite often like a mix of vegetables with plenty of fresh herbs and a small portion of protein. In the winter I prefer to have warm food such as a healthy soup filled with roots vegetables, beans or lentils. I usually do not eat any snacks but if my consultations are stretching late I may have some nuts with dried or fresh fruit.

Simone Faby Nutritional Therapist

Family dinner is very important for me, as this is a great time to catch up after our busy days. I like to cook a healthy dinner, using fresh ingredients; often my sons and husband join in the kitchen to add their “personalized touch”.

Being French means food is often at the centre of our family life!!!


Simone is an experienced and pragmatic professional with an excellent track record of results assisting musculoskeletal injury recovery and a broad range of problems from digestive issues to allergies, detoxification and weight loss. She has a passion for food and believes it should be associated with enjoyment and diversity.

To find out more about the #riderfitnessrevolution visit www.treshealth.com/for-equestrians/

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