Tuesday 23rd of July 2024
The Arts

Sophie Harden

A swift gallop to Motcomb street where Sophie Harden’s paintings had made the journey from her Oxfordshire studio for her exhibition at the Osborne Studio Gallery in Knightsbridge.

West London’s shiniest manes swished around the gallery admiring the paintings and Fred Gordons charming sculptures. While Fred’s bronze Otters tumbled and swam and his little Barn swallow kept a beady eye on proceedings, Sophie’s strings of thoroughbreds frisked and bowled across the canvases, oil sketches on mono-colour backdrops.

Hints of lean muscle or a toss of the mane caught in the morning light on the gallops are typical of the movement in the paintings, told with highlights from loose, light brush strokes.

Delicate colour studies on more muted backgrounds are just as charming and all clearly come from the eye of someone who knows, and loves her horses.


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