Sunday 19th of March 2023

What makes Barbury so special?

IMG_1533 (1)

Pumbaa and the Wonder Dun sporting TGP colours (c) Jennifer Bonwitt


Due to terrible diary organisation, this year’s Barbury International Horse Trials clashed with a mini break to the Cornish coast for TGP’s editor, Sarah Heseltine and her family. Gutted to be missing the Wiltshire action, Pumbaa Goess-Saurau came to Sarah’s rescueArmed with her trusty camcorder, and in between competing herself, Pumbaa set out to discover what makes Barbury so special and to capture some of the action.



(c) @MDR Photo / Eventing Stig


If only a tardis could have appeared and rescued poor Sarah from the inclement Cornish weather! It looks like everyone had an amazing time and rest assured, there will no diary clashes in 2016!





Huge thanks to Pumbaa and Georgia Williams for their time and energy in making this film and also to everyone who chatted to Pumbaa on camera.

Pumbaa’s hugely popular blog, The A Level Eventer, has now been renamed to The Gap Yah Eventer – keep an eye out for the latest instalment coming soon!

If you missed Andrew Nicholson and Avebuy’s historic 4th win at Barbury, here is some footage taken by @MDRPhoto of Andrew and Avebury flawless across country, finishing 12 seconds inside the optimum time, making it all look like a walk in the park!


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