Wednesday 18th of November 2020
Willa Newton

Willa Newton: A holiday not to be forgotten

The end of the season seems long gone now and winter is definitely upon us.


Newton family adventures


It has been great to enjoy some slightly quieter weeks and we even managed to get away on holiday post the end of the season.

It is not often that our whole fam can escape so it was brilliant to be able to have some quality time and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime! It was simply dreamy to head to Africa on Safari and wow I feel so lucky to have seen the big 5 plus many more amazing sights and wonderful animals of all different shapes and sizes.

We also managed to sneak in a few days at the beach in Zanzibar – incredibly relaxing and just magical. The ultimate highlight had to be swimming with dolphins, something I have dreamed about and I managed to do it! So so lucky and it was definitely a holiday not to be forgotten!


Although it has been a quieter period for us all with horses either back home with their owners or enjoying a break in the field it has still been all systems go. Last weekend we had our first ever open day which seemed to go really well and a lovely opportunity to be able to catch up with all my owners and sponsors! My team were, as always, amazing and the horses and the yard all looked immaculate and they enabled the whole day to run smoothly. A huge thank you to everyone that came, to all my sponsors for providing banners and goodies, NAF the delicious ‘Stable Hands’ hand cream and I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did!





With Christmas just around the corner the yard seems to be back in full swing and horses are starting to return! It is lovely to have lots of time to work with the younger horses, we have been out for both jumping and dressage lessons and I am loving seeing them progress! I am also cracking on with the older horses fitness, let’s just say neckstraps are my key piece of tack at the moment though! Every day is highly entertaining and it’s not just the young ones!!

I can’t believe it is already December and we are now gearing up for Christmas, a busy time but also a great time and I am very much looking forward to enjoying the buzz!

Willa x

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