Wednesday 12th of August 2020

2018 NAF Young Rider European Long List

British Eventing has announced the long list of horses and riders for the NAF Young Rider squad who will represent Great Britain at the 2018 FEI Young Rider European Championships in Fontainebleau, France (9th – 15th July 2018).

Bubby Upton © William Carey/The Gaitpost

The combinations, in alphabetical order, are as follows:

Lizzie Baugh on her own 10 year old gelding Quarry Man

Felicity Collins with Caroline Crowther’s 10 year old gelding Glasker Sweet Clover and Vicky Collins and Avrina Milton’s nine year old gelding RSH Contend Or

Richard Coney and his own 10 year old gelding Kananaskis

Sam Ecroyd on Adam Gillespie’s 14 year old gelding Kasseedorf and his own and Penelope Ecroyd’s 13 year old gedling Arco BB

Yasmin Ingham on Edwin and Sue Davies and Janette Chinn’s eight year old gelding Rehy DJ

Alex Kennedy with John and Andrea Kennedy’s 13 year old gelding Lissangle Cavaletto B

Phoebe Locke on her own 10 year old gelding Union Fortunus

Mollie Summerland and her own nine year old gelding Charly van Ter Heiden

Bubby Upton on the eight year old gelding Cola III and nine year old gelding Eros DHI, both owned by Rachel Upton

Imogen White and her own 14 year old gelding Emill

From the long list six combinations will be selected to compete for Great Britain as part of the NAF Young Rider squad in France later this year, but please note that this is a living list and horses and riders may be added or removed in the build up to squad selection later this year.

The British Young Rider squad are kindly sponsored by NAF; NAF is one of the UK’s largest and most established manufacturers of equine supplements; their products are used and highly respected by many event riders which is reflected in them also being the trusted Official Suppliers to the British Equestrian Teams promoting Clean Sport as one of their key company values.

Through their sponsorship NAF are supporting the next generation of British team riders via the Young Rider Programme, which helps recognise combinations for the NAF Young Rider team heading for the European Championships, and those aiming for the NAF National Under 21 Championships – which took place at Houghton International on 24th – 27th May.

More information on the NAF Young Rider Programme can be found HERE.

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