Thursday 27th of February 2020

5 Rocket Fuel Recipes for your Hip Flask

Whether you’re hunting, shooting or racing, we have scoured the country for the top tipples for your trusty hip flask and here are the recipes…we especially love the pear brandy and if you make now, it will be ready for Boxing Day.


Looks as good as it tastes.

Use a sterilised 1.5 airtight/ Kilner Jar.

Fill roughly 2/3 full of raspberries. I tend to give them a gentle roll about and shake to encourage any bugs out first.

Add roughly 250g of sugar in and slug a litre bottle of vodka over the top. Add a stick of vanilla optionally.

Seal it and up end the jar a few times so the sugar starts to dissolve then squirrel away for a few months somewhere cool, turning gently occasionally.

Leave at least three months.

Strain through material/jam sieve/coffee filter

Sterilise some kilner or wine bottles

Good in the hip flask or a dangerous drop in bubbles too! 


A hip flasks/cough remedy/ tummy settler/pudding topper wonder.

Use any fruit, just add LOTS of sugar and a substantial amount of neat vodka or gin.

Pick damsons Sept/Oct, freeze for a few days if the frost hasn’t come or just prick the damsons, then immerse in lots of sugar and vodka/gin and leave for a good few months – ideally until Boxing Day meet, then your Brew will be like syrup and the most sought after tipple on the field.

Is also excellent for sore throats and settling tummies – ideal around Christmas and New Year. You can then also use the marinated damsons for a jus on any post Christmas dinner party puds, or just put on top of vanilla ice cream as a boozy add on.


Top tips turn pricked sloes every day as if you are making a cocktail 🍹 


Our secret family recipe goes something like…
Grab a gin bottle and half fill with pricked sloes, best to pick sloes after first frost as you get a better flavour.
Top up with gin leaving about 2inch from the top of the bottle neck.
Add brown sugar to your own taste (if you like me like 2 sugars in your tea you will add more than half a cup!)
Add 3-4 drops of vanilla essence.
Top up with more gin leaving approx an inch from top of bottle.
Turn upside down & back to top at least a dozen times each day for at least 6-9 months.
Best left for a year for great flavour if you can wait, turning once a day.
Strain after said year into clean bottle.
The lovely remaining sludge of sloes makes delicious sloe chocolate truffles


(Nigella’s recipe really, but better)

Chop and clean 1 1/4 lbs rhubarb and pop in a 2-litre jar.

Add 1 ½cups sugar, put the lids on and shake well.

Unscrew the lids and add some cardamom pods  

Pour 1 litre of cheap vodka on top.

Close jars and keep cool and dark for weeks and up to 6 months.

Shake jars as often as you remember.

Strain, then bottle

(N.B Rhubarb from other counties also works…)


All kinds of festive and lovely.

Use 4 ripe pears

Take 2 pears and chop, chucking the core.

Pop in a sterilised kilner jar and pour 500 ml brandy over and some slices of fresh ginger or cinnamon sticks or both. Use a jar big enough to add twice the liquid again.

Shake and leave for 3-5 days.

After 5 days, in a pan add 500 ml water, 2 more chopped pears and 450gm sugar and gently boil for 5-7 mins then simmer for 5 mins to syrup. Cool the mix.

Add syrup to the jar, taste and remove ginger if it’s strong enough or leave in as long as you fancy.

Leave to steep and mellow for a few days then taste. If you’re happy bottle it and knock back when you like! Also very yummy warm.

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