Thursday 8th of April 2021

5 Things All Horse Lovers Know to Be True

Do you spend your Saturdays mucking out stables? Is your Google search history full of phrases like “riding boots”, “equine nutrition” and “best places to ride across the world”? Chances are, your one true love has four legs and a mane!

If you’re a true horse enthusiast, here are a few things you’ll certainly be able to relate to.


Your social life is in the stables

Sadly, you can’t enjoy your pride and joy without putting some time in carrying out less than glamorous chores. A good chunk of your weekend will be spent grooming, carrying water buckets and mucking out – all of which would be made much harder with a hangover, so late nights at clubs are swapped for early mornings at the stables. You don’t mind though as your friends are also on the yard and of course, it’s all worth it once you’re riding your horse.

You’ll care about your horse’s diet just as much as your own

You might find it hard to relate to your friend’s conversations about the latest fad diet they’re embarking on for the summer but if the conversation changes to laminitis or keeping your horse in tip top condition you are suddenly much more  invested.

More often than not, you’ll find yourself thinking about what you put in your horse’s body than you do your own. You’ll sit browsing websites for the most advanced feed for your four legged friend while you have beans on toast for tea. Again.

You often have to deal with preconceived opinions from other people

Many people have preconceived opinions that only aspiring Jockeys are interested in horses, so conversations about horse racing with a stranger can be often be tiresome.

Also, many people will have pre conceived ideas about your income and finances. Certainly, horse riding isn’t the cheapest hobby and passion to pursue in life but it doesn’t mean that you’re earning big bucks. It’s most likely that you’re budgeting carefully and making sacrifices in order to pay your stable fees etc; forgoing night’s outs and holidays in favour of new horse equipment and riding gear. You’ve still not quite mastered getting that perfect selfie with your horse



You’ve still not quite mastered getting that perfect selfie with your horse

After spending hours attempting to get the perfect photo that captures the partnership between you and your horse, all you usually end up with is a blurry shot and a headbutting in the process!

You know you have the best mate you could ever ask for

Despite the early starts, the extra work, the vet bills, tiring muck outs – all is forgotten once you’re riding with your forever friend in the summer and you wouldn’t have it any other way!

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