Tuesday 21st of March 2023

Alltech Support World Horse Welfare to help Tarzan

Alltecn continue their support of World Horse Welfare

When yearling Tarzan was found abandoned little did he know he would eventually be saved thanks to World Horse Welfare, and then be offered support from one of the leading animal nutrition companies in the world.

Alltech are delighted to continue their support of the charity and will be following Tarzan’s progress under World Horse Welfare’s care.


World Horse Welfare Field Officer Sarah Tucker was involved in the rescue of two bay trotter-type yearlings, a filly and a colt in Northumberland. They were both reported as abandoned and severely underweight, with a body condition score of 1.

Trading Standards and a vet, had already been involved with the case and as no-one would claim responsibility for them their health was rapidly worsening. A vet attended the site and removed the colt and filly.  Unbelievably the colt had been beaten and collapsed in the box en-route to the veterinary surgery.

Both yearlings received treatment at the vets but sadly the filly was very unwell and had to be put to sleep. A couple of weeks later, Tarzan was just about strong enough to travel to World Horse Welfare’s Penny Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre for further care and monitoring under the expertise of the farm’s dedicated staff.

Abandoned yearling, Tarzan

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Tarzan has undergone his vet check at the centre and is looking much brighter and eating well.

World Horse Welfare’s fundraising theme for 2016 is the ‘Invisible Horse’; its aim is to raise awareness of the suffering of horses in the UK and Worldwide, something that often goes unnoticed.

The support from Alltech will feed into this theme and will directly help to rehabilitate a neglected horse, making them visible and cared for with a much brighter future.

Alltech’s UK Marketing Manager Isla Baker-Browne said: 

“Alltech are thrilled to be able to offer support to Tarzan, it’s hard to believe anybody could be so cruel, but unfortunately this is the reality faced by charities such as World Horse Welfare on a daily basis.”


The Lifeforce Range of all-natural, daily digestive aid supplements from Alltech is designed to benefit horses at every stage of life, from breeding stock to pleasure and performance animals

For further information visit www.lifeforcehorse.co.uk or telephone 01780 764512.

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