Friday 22nd of January 2021

Brooke mascot Alfie the Dinky Donkey steals the show at Olympia, The London International Horse Show

As official chosen charity of Olympia, The London International Horse Show, Brooke enlisted the help of Alfie the Dinky Donkey last week to spread awareness of the charity throughout the show, which ran from 17-23 December.



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Joined by miniature Shetland ponies La La and Harry, Alfie made appearances in the main arena, the live zone, and the Brooke stand upstairs in the Gallery at G181.

Alfie is owned by dressage rider Amy Woodhead and lives in Grimsby with best friend and stablemate La La.

Alfie’s appearances in the ring included his daily starring role in the nativity-themed finale alongside Santa’s horses Floyd and Bullet, and Brooke’s special interval performance on Wednesday 19 December, which featured equestrian stars Gemma Tattersall, Laura Renwick, ambassador Richard Waygood, trustee Jane Holderness-Roddam, CEO Petra Ingram and celebrities Anthea Turner, Lilah Parsons and Aimee Vivian.

Following Wednesday’s parade, eventing rider Gemma Tattersall, who has supported the charity’s MyHackathon campaign in the past, joined Alfie, La La and Harry at the Brooke stand alongside Petra Ingram.

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Throughout the week, Brooke’s stand was visited by various equestrians including Jumping World Cup winner William Whitaker, dressage rider Alice Oppenheimer, Paralympic rider Natasha Baker, and showjumper Jessica Mendoza. The equestrian stars all viewed Brooke’s virtual reality 360 film, captured within a brick kiln in Pakistan. Alice, who visited Brooke’s work in India in 2015, said:

“Having been to brick kilns in India, what really struck me was the strain that was put on the mules. That really came across so well in the film.”

William Whitaker

The film was also a hit with journalists attending the British Equestrian Writers Association Lunch at Pillar Hall on Wednesday lunchtime. Here, showjumper Michael Whitaker was among those to view the film, which follows a young couple who live on the site of a brick kiln with their baby and horse. 

Events such as Olympia provide Brooke with an invaluable opportunity to raise awareness of the work it does around the world.

Jessica Mendoza

100 million horses, donkeys and mules are currently working to support 600 million people in some of the world’s poorest countries. Brooke works with owners, governments, and local policy makers to bring about lasting change for working equines and the people who depend on them.

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