Wednesday 22nd of September 2021

Equiline Cedar Breeches




The Blurb:

The Cedar breeches feature Equiline’s famous X-Grip technology which maintains the highest stability in the saddle whilst the four way stretch material provides comfort and freedom of motion. The elastic lower leg eliminates the discomfort of velcro and provides a closer fit to the rider’s leg.





The Review:

I came across Cedar breeches by Equiline a few years ago and I now have three pairs. I mostly use them for competition as I’ve two white pairs with a full ‘grip’ seat, which is a sticky seat. They are cut beautifully and fit so well and look really elegant, especially important with an unforgiving tail coat!

They also wash really well and come up very white! My blue pair I’ve worn to death but they still give a great feel when in the saddle. They also don’t have seams in the wrong places. I can get terrible fraction burns on my knees ( very knobbly knees!), which these breeches don’t ever give me. They aren’t the cheapest but are pretty good value for money.



Stockists for the dressage market:

Dressage Deluxe £197.50 
Shop@Keysoe 01234 708900
Equitain 01902 374480





Value for Money: Value for Money
Ease of Use: Value for Money
Effectiveness: Value for Money
Would Recommend: Value for Money

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