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Dodson & Horrell Winter Health Mash

Dodson and Horrell Winter Mash

The Blurb

A warming herbal mash to support immune and digestive function over the winter months

Contains a blend of oils to provide additional calories and promote a healthy, glossy coat.
Oat-grain and molasses free formulation.

This brand new winter warmer is ideal to stimulate a horse’s appetite with added carrots, peas and herbs to appeal to the fussiest horse and owner. The onset of winter and the inevitable increase in stabling can often lead to feed apathy and this warming porridge is ideal to tempt your horse to his feed bowl. It can also be an ideal way to disguise supplements and medicines should your horse require them.

With added effective levels of echinacea to support the immune system during this time of challenge, and bran, mint and fennel to help maintain a healthy digestive function, this mash is ideally placed to help keep your horse healthy during the winter months when there is more reliance on dried forage and poorer quality grass.

The Review

As ‘Bridie’ is a heavy cob he has gone through the summer simply living off a scoop of Horse and Pony nuts, grass, haylage and fresh air! But with winter round the corner I knew that I would have to start feeding him a bit more to make sure he was getting everything he needs to be feeling and looking his best.


Bridie is very much an all-rounder. We hack, show jump and go hunting but due to my working week he will often go for days without being ridden and then I will be home to ride him every day for a week so he has to put up with not having a regular riding routine.



Feeding the mash is very straightforward as it only needs 10 minutes to soak in either cold or hot water prior to feeding so generally I left the feed to soak on arrival to the yard in the morning, rode Bridie and then fed him his breakfast when we got back. I mixed the mash with the scoop of Horse and Pony nuts he was already having prior to the trial.

Being a Cob, Bridie has never been a fussy eater, but it was clear from day one that he absolutely loved his Winter Health Mash addition to his daily feed. Never leaving a grain in the 12 weeks he was on the feed – and I don’t blame him either – the mash smells almost good enough to eat ourselves!


He was also fed the Mash on an evening when coming in from the damp, cold field, or when returning from a days Autumn Hunting. This is when the Mash really feels like the ideal feed. On those really horrible winter days there is something so nice about being able to feed your horses such a warming dinner. 

After two or three weeks the effects of the feed really started to show in Bridie’s skin and coat condition. He’s never been a horse that would look poor but all of a sudden dapples started to come through on his coat and when we clipped him he looked like a shining conker!


It is no over exaggeration when I say that at least 5 people either told me Bridie looked “a million dollars” or asked me ‘What are you feeding that Cob? He looks great!”

For me this is the best feedback I could give for the feed – we all want our horses to look their best and it was great that throughout the trial period you could see Bridie looking better and better every day.

On top of that he was clearly feeling the effects of the feed internally too. He started to feel jollier when out hacking and generally showed signs of wellbeing every day – even when he wasn’t fresh as I was getting plenty of exercise into him daily. It was so good to be riding a horse who not only looks so well but is feeling so well too.

I will certainly be keeping Bridie on the Winter Health Mash as it has had such a positive effect on him. It is great to find a feed that does what it says on the tin… Keeping horses healthy throughout the winter months. 

A massive thank you to Dodson and Horrell for all their help and support. 

For more information visit Dodson & Horrell. Available at £10.99.

Value for Money: Value for Money
Ease of Use: Value for Money
Effectiveness: Value for Money
Would Recommend: Value for Money

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