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Could Equisense put an end to sleepless nights?

Anticipate Colic and illness. Monitor discomfort and stress. Be alerted of field incidents or your horse getting cast. EQUISENSE CARE could save lives and sanity.



Be among one of the first to get your hands on this innovative new product, which sends information about your horse’s welfare straight to your mobile phone and is launching on Kickstarter today using technology to help better understand your horse’s mental and physical condition.


Have you ever had restless nights over their horse’s well-being? Is my horse too hot or too cold? Is he at risk of colic or getting cast? Why did he not eat his feed tonight? We can all identify with these concerns at some point.

Uncertainty is often the biggest stress factor for horse owners. Together with the inability or inconvenience of monitoring issues around the clock.

We all know that so much can go wrong whilst they are standing alone in their stable or out in the field.

“Equisense Care” is a device that could put an end to this apprehension, by helping us keep our horses in the best possible state of health and happiness at all times.

The team behind Equisense who originate in France is made up of vets, technical experts and engineers. As riders and horse enthusiasts themselves, they saw a gap in the market for technology to help better understand their horse’s mental and physical condition. Essentially measuring and recording the hard facts with readings such as body temperature, respiratory and heart rate, time spent sleeping.


For two years Equisense have been analysing horses closely both under exertion and at rest. From this research, they their first product- “Equisense Motion”, a device to provide riders with objective and reliable information from their training session such as time spent on each hand and each gait, cadence, elevation, gait symmetry and more.

They recognised that producing a healthy working animal goes beyond exercise and training which led to the development of “Equisense Care”.  Any horseman appreciates the importance of monitoring and analysing a horse’s behaviour and physiology at rest and now you can. The appliance monitors and collates information to monitor and react to a problem before it’s too late.

Whether related to either the horse’s well-being or health, many indicators can be measured with accuracy thanks to built-in technology. Ultimately enabling owners to measure the well-being of their horse with the following features:

•       Test and record heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature and perspiration

•       Monitor his daily activity both sleep and movements

•       Survey his stress levels every day

•       Watch over their horse’s health and to receive alerts if colic is suspected or if an accident has occurred e.g if the horse is cast in his stable or has an accident in the field

•       Monitor their horse in case of a health problem or a stressful situation with the ability to receive alerts if necessary e.g transport in a horse box or trailer.

•       Provide professionals such as vets, physiotherapists and trainer with the results so that they might better understand the issue



The device could not be any easier to use. In the form of a connected bodysuit which send the information about your horse’s welfare straight to your mobile phone.

The results are collated in real time and all you need is Bluetooth or 3G connectivity. You could be anywhere in the world and receive information and alerts about your horse, straight to your phone. 

It can function in two ways.

•       With a subscription of €19.90 per month and 3G connectivity, you will always have access to the data in real-time as well as the system of alerts for colic detection.

•       Without a subscription, you receive all of your data as soon as you connect your smartphone to your sensor via Bluetooth.



To guarantee both comfort and safety, Equisense Care is wearable tech that is adapted to the horse’s lifestyle and designed with quality fabric that is both breathable and pleasant to wear.

For optimal thermal comfort, the body is available in two versions: the first, in lightweight and breathable honeycomb for summer, and the second, which covers more of the horse and protects the shoulders under winter blankets.

What the professionals say:


“For me, the Equisense Care connected body is a new advantage for performance. As I am both an athlete and university student, I can now easily verify the behaviour and health of my horses left in the paddock in the morning between two classes. This will allow me to adapt my evening workout sessions.”

EMMANUELLE VAN-ERCK (European Veterinary Specialist in Equine Internal Medicine)

“We are collecting more and more data on horses at work, but we need to know more about them while resting. Up until now, this domain has barely been explored even though horses spend most of their time alone in a stall or pasture. In this respect, Equisense Care is a good way to study their activity and their behaviour. This tool will enable improvements to the horse’s health, and ultimately, his performance.”


“Sport horses are constantly subjected to stress when they are competing. This stress is due to transport and to the frequent changes in their environment, which may be behind certain pathologies. Having behavioural and physiological data easily available is a real breakthrough for the daily management of high-level sport horses. As a veterinarian, this allows me to have a better follow-up of my patients. The preventive aspect of the product is also interesting, especially for colic pathologies.”



Be one of the first to get your hands on this exciting new technology with an incredible deal

Following 6 months of further product development and collecting data from horses both stabled and at pasture, Equisense will be unveiling the device to the general public November 21, 2016. The launch has been made possible as part of a crowdfunding campaign on the Kickstarter platform (

In order for the product to be ready for commercialisation, several months of work remain for the team. For its first users, Equisense Care will be available for pre-order on Kickstarter from November 21 to December 21, 2016.

Backers will benefit from special prices (starting at €149 instead of €449) as well as 3 free months of subscription. They will also become part of the Equisense community and participate in the final stages of the product.

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