Tuesday 27th of September 2022

Fairfax Performance Girth

bottom_3 The Blurb:

• Increases the horse’s performance by:
• Dramatically reducing pressure 
• Significantly increasing range of movement 
• Eliminating gait asymmetry

The only girth to have been tested during its development in conjunction with the BEF World Class Programme. During squad training, Centaur Biomechanics gait analysis was used to test the effect of the girth on the horses’ performance.

“We recorded up to 33% improvement in forelimb protraction and general range of motion of every elite horse we tested” *

*results were compared to the horses’ own girth

– Russell Guire of Centaur Biomechanics



1st Review of The Fairfax Performance Girth:

I use the Fairfax performance girth on all five of my horses. I bought it because I have one horse that is a bit cold backed and I thought it might be more comfortable for him and improve his movement. The leather and the workmanship of the girth is of excellent quality. All the horses all go well in the girth and there is no negative impact, whether or not they are moving 33% better I am not sure. I ride in a Butet single flap saddle and I find the girth very difficult to do up when you are on the horse. It also seems to be hard to get the same tension on each girth strap, one is always looser than the other even though they are on the same hole. This could be due to the angle on the single flap saddle girth straps not suiting this particular girth. The issue is the same on all of my horses.I have friends who absolutely love this girth and have no trouble with it but I would recommend trying the girth with your saddle and horse before taking off all the price tags.


2nd Review:

Once you have owned and used a Fairfax girth, you will never use anything else both for everyday use and competitions.  The design makes for a comfortable, secure fit and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.
Value for Money: Value for Money
Ease of Use: Value for Money
Effectiveness: Value for Money
Would Recommend: Value for Money

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