Thursday 9th of July 2020

Friday Finds: What has caught our eye this week

It’s been a bit quiet on here lately. The good news is exams are over, home schooling is easing (a bit) and I’ve found some great new finds. So as they say, sharing is caring so here’s what has caught my eye this week.

First up is this gorgeous new brand that launched last week. Always happy to support start-ups especially with a sustainable ethos behind it, we are delighted to introduce you to Cro-Che founded by Tacita Brown. Frustrated with the amount of waste in the fashion industry, Tacita began researching ways to create garments in the most sustainable way. 

Cro-Che produces items predominantly in crochet, favouring traditional artisan methods of creating clothes. Their mission is to change the future of fast fashion.

Cro-Che’s first collection takes inspiration from the swinging 60s. and gives a nod to the summer of love. It’s a brand for the fun loving and free spirited, for the sophisticated and the bold.

Father’s Day is looming (June 21st!) and what better way to thank him for sharing the home schooling load during lockdown than via his stomach! It’s equally perfect as a gift for those that can’t see their fathers yet and need something dispatched direct to his door.

Inverawe Smokehouse has saved my bacon – excuse the pun – on numerous occasions. Their impressive mail order service is slick and reliable. Play safe with some delicious smoked salmon or treat him to a pair of succulent natural, undyed kippers that you just pop on the grill and serve with hot buttered toast.

Make sure you order before midnight on the 14th June to ensure delivery for the weekend


Whilst we are on the topic of Father’s Day, another mail order find that I’ve mentioned on my Insta Stories before is Thortful cards. 

There is something for every occasion and some are highly amusing. We’ve finished all 6 seasons of Friday Night Dinner during lockdown – it’s the only thing we can all watch as a family that doesn’t cause problems. There is same day dispatch if you order before 4pm.

Something else we have been doing as a family a lot recently is discussing the shocking death of George Floyd and the international response in support of Black Lives Matter. We’ve listened, signed petitions, donated, discussed and thanks to Alex Calder from Between Two Ears insta fame, and equestrian journo Tilly Berendt amongst many others, have learnt so much and will continue to do so. Check out Alex’s super useful link in her insta bio here for a list of resources and Tilly has a really interesting Facebook post here. It’s made me look at the content we share, which is definitely not diverse enough and that is something I will be addressing.

I’m terrible at making time to read at the best of times but during lockdown I’ve become a massive convert to Audible. It makes the ironing so much more bearable!  I’ve recently downloaded this for me and also bought the Young Reader’s hard copy edition for my youngest. Neither of us have finished it yet but it tells the true and inspiring story of The Compton Cowboys, a group who grew up in the city where Kendrick Lamar and Serena Williams were raised; a city portrayed in the media as ground zero for gang violence. But in 1988, with the creation of the Compton Junior Posse, a youth program set on a horse ranch in the middle of Compton, these men and women found a safe space.

We are all counting down the days to seeing the hairdresser again. I thought my boys would have reached for the clippers by now but they are going all out feral and hubby grew a beard for the first time since we’ve been together (26 years) which didn’t go down too well (thankfully it has now gone!) Me however, I’m missing the ritual of some much needed me-time, the divine head massage, the lovely catch up with Megan and for straight, unsplit ends. 

After comparing our flat, straggly and dry barnets on a recent girls night Zoom call, one of my gorgeous stylish friends recommended Shu Uemura’s Essence Absolue. It’s a delicious protective oil infused with camellia oil and smells heavenly. The bottle says to use a few drops before shampooing but I comb it through my trusses twice a week before I go to bed and wash my hair in the morning. The results are smooth locks which feel much more glossy and less brittle.

The charity T-shirt is such a crucial piece of fundraising and we are a sucker for them. We got our paws on the divine white one that Charlie Mackesy beautifully penned for Comic Relief, the smart black one for Equestrian Relief as well as Arnie’s fun one of Whiskey and Lulu in aid of After School All Stars who help provide food for families while schools are closed in America. We also bought Bremont’s bracelet for FoodforHeroes and are thrilled to discover another fundraising accessory brand has joined the cause.

Peachy Belts was asked to produce a belt to mark the HelpNHSHeroes campaign after talks with Jason Mawer, the Founder, “we came up with a great solution – an NHS blue belt with the three red hearts of the logo printed on the tip of the belt – and it still has the detachable buckle so you can add the two tone heart buckle if you want to!” says Peachy founder Zoe Gibson.

The Help NHS Heroes belt is available in July in Small, Medium and Large £65 with over 50% of profits going to the Heroes campaign.

My final Friday Find is more of a top tip as I’ve known Tara for a while so she can’t really be called a find. However, I’m splitting hairs (the ones the hair oil didn’t nuke!)…Tara wears several hats and is bang on when she describes herself as a positivity queen. She is also a business coach and marketing expert. We’ve worked together over the years with her PR clients and I love her outlook on life.

I saw on Tara’s instagram story a few weeks ago that she was offering a complimentary Power Hour to discuss any business issues that needed ironing out and more importantly, to have someone to bounce things off. The hour flew by and I came away feeling inspired again, something that has been missing with the lack of equestrian sports that usually fill my days and a lack of motivation, direction and time since Covid hit. Do check Tara out – she’s brimming with ideas and is realistic about what is possible whilst navigating these strange times.

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