Friday 7th of May 2021

Friday Finds: Oil be there for you

In the words of Joey Tribbiani, ‘So how you doing?’ Up and down? Grumpy? Good days? Bad days? I hear you. This week has seemed tough with positivity harder to grasp on to. But January is nearly over. Daffodils are growing and the snowdrops are making me smile. And (and this is big) after a modicum of effort amalgamating three school timetables, oodles of highlighter pens and some perseverance, I’ve created a Blue Peter badge worthy masterpiece of our family’s weekly timetable, which includes blocked out time for me ! And it has made me really happy…even if 3 different lunch sittings is beginning to grate. 

So what’s ‘Oil be there for you’ all about? Well, lovely readers, its Friends – not on Houseparty or Snapchat, but the TV show. It’s about the only thing we can all watch together although, as I trawl through 17 seasons of Greys Anatomy (I’m on Season 11 and the Derek bombshell is imminent), they are getting quite savvy as to who is sleeping with who and whether a pneumothorax is the only cure.

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Anyway, the Friends theme tune is my daily earworm. I wake up humming it, I cook humming to it and now I’m making a dodgy headline out of it. I’m not knocking it – it’s a fab show and watching repeats is the perfect distraction away from the news channels. And it brings me tenuously on to oil !  

Let’s face it – beauty regimes aren’t on the priority list at the mo, BUT THEY SHOULD BE ! Why? Because when we are finally allowed out, we are going to go large! Proper let-your-hair-down time. And that’s requires a gentle nudge towards the 7 P’s: Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

So here are my Friday Finds – 5 oils that you need in your life NOW. To help you prep for an Oscar winning performance in the ‘make yourself feel good’ category, and banish the ‘why didn’t I make any time for me’ emotions we are all feeling in Lockdown #3. You won’t regret it.

Oil Number One

L’Oreal Hair Oil by Elvive Extraordinary Oil for Dry to Very Dry Hair 100ml, Boots £13

A godsend for dry, brittle, unloved, lockdown hair. A pump of this after washing nourishes your hair and leaves it feeling soft and shiny. Can be used from root to tip and also offers protection from heat appliances. 

Oil Number Two

Bio-Oil 200ml, Boots £17.24

Whilst the blurb focusses on scars and stretch marks, this pot of loveliness is best kept in the shower and smoothed over wet skin before stepping out. It’s great for super hydration with no stickiness and really keeps your skin feeling loved all day. Great for all the knobbly bits but I love it most on my stomach!

Oil Number Three

CELLU-LITE Salon Secret for legs, Legology £62.50

Yes it’s pricey, but it leaves your legs feeling so lovely and light and helps flush trapped fluid. Best used with a body brush for daily oomph and the results speak for themselves. Can also be added to your bath for a deep cleansing soak. Oh and you’ll love the fragrance, which has lovely tinges of holiday memories.

Oil Number Four

JESSICA Phenomen Oil Intensive Moisturiser, Amazon UK, £14.10

A recent discovery and I’m loving it. Add it to your nightly routine (or start one) for nails that have seen one too many pitch forks! Add a drop to each cuticle and massage in. Don’t forget your toes! They need de-wintering too! And even elbows! My nails are feeling thicker and stronger already.

Oil Number Five

Shu Uemura Art of Hair Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil 150ml, £33.90

This is a real treat – why? Because I didn’t buy it and a lovely girlfriend sent it to me. The blurb says “This velvety hair oil re-balances the hair’s moisture level and provides all-day UV protection without weighing down even the finest of hair. Formulated for daily use.” But I use it for when my hair has been really neglected and needs some serious TLC. I comb it through at night, sleep on it and  wash my hair in the morning. Ta da to super shiny silky locks! And the Camelia oil smells heavenly.

So dear Friends (see what I did there?!) go forth and oil! Here’s hoping February flies by and we will soon be getting glammed up for one hell of a party, hugging our friends and back living life to the max. Positive thoughts people!

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