Saturday 30th of May 2020
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Half term fun : Spooky Scoff




When walking past a very swanky cake shop in London, I was blown away by this wonderful Minion creation for Halloween.  

It got me thinking about trying to make some fun things for the kids this half term.  Time is never on my side, so I wanted things that were pretty instant but did the ‘trick’ (sorry, couldn’t resist!)




Where better to get inspiration from than Waitrose Kitchen magazine, and with the generous permission from the Editor, we can share these 3 brilliant ideas that are wickedly simple.


photo-951. Witches Hats

Using a bread knife, cut the tops off Askeys ice cream cones. Roll the cones in melted dark chocolate until coated, then leave to set on greaseproof paper. When fully dry, gently dip the circular base of the cone in a little more chocolate and press onto a plain chocolate digestive biscuit.  Use dabs of melted chocolate to stick Waitrose Cooks’ Homebaking white chocolate stars onto the cones.  Wrap around a piece of strawberry lace, then use a cut piece of liquorice allsort to create a buckle.  


2. Broomsticks

Unravel liquorice catherine wheels and cut into thin, 4-5cm strips. Place over the end of a Mikado Milk chocolate stick, then tie them in place with a long liquorice strip.







3. Ghoulish smoothies

Pour a bought or homemade green smoothie or juice (find recipes at into small glass bottles or jars (try reusing old drink bottles). Cover with a roughly  torn piece of muslin, snip a hole in the top for straws and secure with a piece of ribbon.


All the ingredients you need are available from your local Waitrose store.



We hope you receive more treats than tricks this Halloween and your kids are impressed with your unending creativity!



~ Cookery Course ~
Kids can learn how to bake and decorate Halloween cakes at the Waitrose Cookery School on 31st October (visit or call 020 7372 6108)


Thank you to Waitrose Kitchen for letting us share these ghoulish creations.


Styling & recipes (c) Katie Cecil

Photography (c) Lara Holmes








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