Wednesday 25th of November 2020

Hats off for Drybrow Hat Liners

With temperatures soaring higher and higher this week, you’ll wonder how you ever rode without Drybrow’s hat liner…


 The Blurb:

“These revolutionary liners are super absorbent, ultra thin, disposable and designed for all sports activity from amateur to elite. Quick and easy to use, drybrow™ liners conform to your forehead and fit into any hat, helmet or cap. Ultra slim, they do not effect the fit of your headwear.”


The Review:

I jumped at the chance to review this brilliant product when founder of Drybrow, Charlotte Barrow, got in touch. The slightest bit of moisture and I have hair frizz for the rest of the day and often time my riding to fit in around meetings when I am not going to look like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards (unless that has in fact happened!)

IMG_6217The Drybrow hat liner is ingenious! I chose a baking hot Saturday to hack to my lesson and had a pretty intensive jumping session.  Before setting off I peeled off the sticky bit and stuck it into my hat – I have to admit to being slightly dubious as to whether this thin unobtrusive layer would really work.

I couldn’t feel it in my hat and worked up a rather good ‘glow’ in the heat especially as I had a back protector on as well. The calories were definitely burned that day! Needless to say, when I got home I was properly cooked and was desperate to take my hat off. On removing it, I immediately felt to see if it was sweaty. I peeled off the soaking Drybrow liner and my hat was dry!

Now for the hair check…I was genuinely impressed to find that my forehead had stayed dry, as had my hair, as the liner had soaked it all up. Once the horses had been washed down, I was amazed to catch my reflection in the window and although I was still bright red, my hair was enjoying a Loreal moment and that’s because Drybrow really are worth it!

So the time has come to upgrade my hat. No more make-up stains, sweat or stale aromas – I am going to invest in a new hat and a lifetime supply of Drybrow! Their uses are endless and it won’t just be equestrians who wonder how they ever lived without them.

Pack of 10 Drybrow liners are available from priced £6.99

To celebrate the launch, we have got 3 packs of 5 Drybrow hat liners to give away. Head over to our Facebook page and simply Like our Drybrow post and we will randomly select 3 winners by Friday 10th July. 


We spoke to Charlotte about the inspiration for her revolutionary idea:

drybrow-logo-master2“The beginnings of drybrow™ hat liners started many years ago and a combination of factors lead me to develop these helmet liners. My career as a Sports Therapist to both human and equine athletes meant I’ve spent many hours in the world of sport and competition, a witness first hand to the drawbacks of exercise whilst wearing headgear. My biggest passion has also always been horses and combining work with riding always resulted in the same problem; I’d finish morning yard duties and be changing, removing my stale riding hat, wondering how I was going to eradicate hat hair, sweat on my forehead, plus the smell for another day!? The non-horsey human patients I had waiting in the sports injury clinic may not embrace that look or whiff! No amount of sponging the lining or spraying deodorisers was cutting it. Someone even mentioned putting their expensive hats in the dishwasher! This just didn’t make sense to me, after all how would that affect the life saving, internal structure of your helmet?

The ‘hat dilemma’ continued until one evening my mum suggested we mock something up to sit in the front of my helmet. She loves a challenge, and being handy with needle and thread set about turning a towelling head band into a liner that we velcro’d into place. Hallelujah I thought! You should send that to “Dragons’ Den” said my dad, looking on from the sofa! That sowed the seed for me.

After a while I realised that although mum’s band helped, it was a little thick, needed washing and moved around so white towelling regularly ended up poking out, not the best look when you’re all suited and booted ready to go into the ring! With this, I decided to develop our idea and create a product to solve these problems, not just for me but for all other hat wearers too.

I spent many hours with a water spray bottle in hand, testing the absorbency of different materials, cutting up a multitude of prospective shapes and standing looking in the mirror with them on my forehead! Any hat I could find got my liner applied to it until I had my design; a super absorbent, ultra thin, self-adhesive, disposable liner and it was black, avoiding the white overspill!

The next challenge was to find a manufacturer and emails went out across the globe until I found someone willing to do the job. We are very excited about the feedback received from riders and other athletes who’ve been trying drybrow for us. To be embarking on a completely new venture is great, one that should allow everyone who wears a hat and loves their sport to do it with a drybrow! It isn’t rocket science, but I hope my idea will improve the experience of wearing sporting headgear.  Ultimately, hats save lives and we should all be able to wear them without feeling compromised.”


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