Wednesday 22nd of September 2021

Horse Pilot Show Jacket

We invited World Class Performance three day eventer, Jodie Amos, to put Horse Pilot’s show jacket through its paces: from the ordering process right through to competing in it. All in all, it was a very thorough road test.



bottom_1The Blurb:

“This fully customizable contest jacket is the technical riding jacket. It is designed to let the rider fully free with her/his movements. Bi- stretch material, Reflect’Line Gold technology and totally free shoulder movement make this riding jacket one of the most comfortable of his generation.”


 In detail:

Breathable bi-stretch technical material, Gold Reflect’Line technology, Boosts muscle tone, Improves rider’s balance, Stimulates recovery after physical activity, Fit, sport and elegant cut, Shaped sleeves, Arms length adjustable for a perfect fit, Special dividing seams at shoulders for unrestricted movement, Machine washable, Small inside pocket





The Review

As a made to measure show jacket does it fit?

Yes, as a made to measure jacket, ordered over the internet, it fits extremely well. I would say there’s not a lot I would change to the fitting and it was a very easy and quick process filling out the questions online.

Were the colours as per the brochure?

The colours were exactly as described on the brochure, and the pictures were too. As you go through the available options, it gives you a very clear idea of what you are purchasing.

 Did you like the look of the jacket before trying it on?

I did, it looks very made to measure and feminine, which is not always the case with women’s equestrian clothing in the UK, as opposed to the French and Italian more elegant style.

Jodie 2Top positives about the show jacket when riding in it?

The technology behind the Horse Pilot jacket is fascinating as it’s clearly not all just about the looks : It has a breathable bi-stretch material allowing for comfort and freedom of movement all whilst maintaining that elegant and made to measure fit. Now even more advanced is the Gold Reflect’Line technology which boosts muscle tone, stimulates recovery and improves balance. This highly advanced approach to design and use of materials clearly puts Horse Pilot into another league; could this be the jacket of the future!

Things you might change about the jacket?

I thought the V cut in front was a little low. In France, women often only wear a white collar but in the UK, where we all still use the more traditional stocks, it left too much room for your stock to come out whilst riding.

How did it compare to other showing/riding jackets that you have worn?

I’m very fortunate to be sponsored by Equetech who design the most beautiful show jackets for me to wear. I would say Horse Pilot are right up there with potentially one of the best jackets on the market.

Jodie4How did you feel wearing the jacket? Dressed to the nines or down and out?!

The jacket is comfortable, practical and smart looking – the three essential components when it comes to riding in my opinion. Riding clothing is a very traditional look and the key is too maintain that elegance whilst bearing in mind that it is a sport and we need to be in the appropriate clothing to best do our job!

After a few times wearing the jacket (despite possible cosmetic dirt) does the jacket still look and feel as good as new?

Yes and I would say the fact that the jacket is machine washable is another massive plus in terms of practicality! I love the shoulder pads too as they maintain the look.  The jacket doesn’t lose it’s made to measure fit unlike other more traditional jackets that might stretch and lose their shape in English weather conditions.

Anything else that you would comment on?

It has a small inside pocket, which comes in handy as I’m always losing my phone.

Would you recommend it? Is if fit for purpose?

I would definitely one hundred percent recommend the jacket. It’s a stunning design and the options in terms of colours and extras are far more extensive than most jackets on the market today. The technology involved and specific use of material clearly put Horse Pilot into another league. Finally the thought process behind it all is a sport friendly one, it’s comfortable and practical and like I said before, that’s fundamental to our sport.

Value for money? At €399/approx £320?

I would say the jacket is fairly priced given the technology involved, such top end materials are always going to come at a cost and in my opinion is worth every penny. This would be a one off expense as I can’t see anyone needing another jacket for a very long time !


To find out more visit Horse Pilot or watch their fantastic youtube movie about the creation of these jackets.

You can watch Jodie compete at Chatsworth in the jacket here and keep up to date with her news and results by following @JodieAEventing on Twitter


Value for Money: Value for Money
Ease of Use: Value for Money
Effectiveness: Value for Money
Would Recommend: Value for Money

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