Thursday 10th of June 2021

The Importance of Good Digestive Health at Every Stage of Life

From before birth to ripe old age the digestive system is constantly working to keep the horse healthy, by fermenting fibre, processing nutrients and supporting the immune system.

Throughout life the importance of good digestive health is that it is consistent but different factors challenge this delicate system at different stages of life.

During the later stages of pregnancy the nutritional demands increase on the mare as the unborn foal doubles in size. In order for the mare to be able to support the growth of the foal the digestive system needs to be working efficiently to extract maximum nutrients from all feed sources. This is also vital to ensure minimal loss of condition in the mare.

After successful foaling, the foal will begin to rely on its own digestive system instead of its mother’s and gradually it must adapt from a milk based diet to digesting forage.

One digestive problem that frequently occurs in foals and youngsters is diarrhoea, which can lead to dehydration. Foals should be in the best possible condition ahead of weaning to be able to cope with the stress of being parted from its mother.

As an adult horse the demands on the digestive system will very much depend upon its lifestyle and workload.

A leisure horse will potentially be fed a diet high in fibre and not be exposed to too much stress whereas the digestive system of a competition horse will be challenged by a diet higher in starch to meet their energy requirements and face higher stress levels due to training regimes and competing commitments. 

With age comes a decline in digestive function as the horse’s ability to absorb nutrients reduces. Age related issues such as failing dentition  also inhibit the digestive system from working to its full potential as the horse loses the ability to chew forage properly which starts the whole process of digestion.

Supporting the digestive system is a positive way of maintaining a healthy horse at whatever stage of life.

The Lifeforce Range from Alltech has been tailored to meet the needs of horses at every stage of life from the early developmental stages as a foal, through the demands of competition, and well into retirement.

The range consists of three all-natural, daily nutritional supplements backed by more than 30 years of Alltech’s scientifically proven, fully traceable technologies, containing cutting edge ingredients that fully comply with competition standards, where consistency and safety are a top priority.

Each specialised supplement delivers the right balance of natural ingredients to optimise digestive health for horses of a specific lifestyle, providing an effective way of maintaining a healthy horse.

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