Thursday 29th of July 2021

Jewellery Focus: It’s a shiny new world

This autumn, fashion promises to shine with metallics proving a big story on the catwalk so what can we expect from our accessories and jewellery? Scottish fine jewellery designer Sylvia Kerr offers some top tips.


Statement necklaces are a big trend coming through for this season, and Sylvia’s Farah Collection certainly ticks that box! Sylvia recommends you wear them as chokers or long and bold over a black skinny polo neck.

“Statement necklaces need to do just that, so don’t clutter with busy patterns or layers. Keep your outfit simple, so your jewellery can shine.”

Sylvia J Kerr Farah Neckpiece


Chandelier drop earrings are another big story, and the Blenheim earrings from Sylvia’s Blenheim collection are the perfect cross over from day to night time glam. 

“Wear your hair down with a flick or tied back in a sleek ponytail.”

Punk is back but if you don’t feel an affinity with the nails, studs, piercing and barbed wire we saw on the catwalk, Sylvia recommends her Badminton Brooch, which is a happy compromise teamed with tartan for a look that ‘pins’ everything on a more stylish than street look.

Pearls were also reinvented for winter with a new take on your granny’s favourite.

“Choose pieces that are big and bold. Our gorgeous Badminton Pearl Necklace and bracelet, take the elegance of pearls and are given our contemporary equestrian twist with a silver stirrup.”

Badminton Pearls


Gold was also a key story during the international fashion weeks, and Sylvia reveals her new Gold Collection this month.

If you want to be the first to see this exciting new collection, take advantage of exclusive special offers and be in with a chance of wining a £50 voucher each month, then sign up to Sylvia’s VIP Club here.

This sponsored feature was written in conjunction with Sylvia.

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