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January’s Book List

This month’s book list includes a thought-provoking approach to coaching, unlocking your riding potential with your mind, tips on how to speak fluent sport, pearls of horse wisdom, the under-used but incredibly valuable practice of long reining and delicious food for any occasion!

power of coaching book

The Power of Coaching: Releasing Surprising Potential in Equestrian Athletes

A thought-provoking approach to coaching, merging the knowledge of equestrian sport with commercial business management and coaching, the book invites the coach and learner to consider the joint responsibility involved in creating a secure learning experience. 

brain training for riders book

Brain Training for Riders: Unlock Your Riding Potential with Stressless Techniques for Conquering Fear, Improving Performance, and Finding Focused Calm

Andrea Monsarrat Waldo teaches you how to: handle uncomfortable emotions, such as fear, anger, anxiety, and embarrassment; hone your mental game and focus your riding time to get the most out of your hours in the saddle.

long reining book

Long-Reining with Double Dan Horsemanship: Safe, Controlled Ground Techniques to Build an Effective Partnership on the Ground and Success in the Saddle

Australian equestrian stars Dan James and Dan Steers of Double Dan Horsemanship are here to show every horse owner the basic steps to an infinitely usable training skill: long-reining. If ever there was hidden treasure in the diverse and ever-evolving realm of horsemanship, it is this under used but incredibly valuable practice. 


Raise Your Game: How to Speak Fluent Sport

A hugely entertaining and illuminating read for the curious spectator who wants to gain a better understanding of what is going on, to the die-hard addict who wants a good read.

The book gets to the essence of why sport is such a joy to either play or watch. All topped off by the cartoonists unique, witty and priceless observations.

mini school book

Mini School: Train Your Miniature Horse to Be All He Can Be

Train your miniature horse to be all he can be!

There is work on the lunge line, long reins, popular tricks, in-hand dressage movements such as pirouettes, piaffe, passage and levade, lateral work and features jumping gymnastics and driving. 

Deliciously Ella Book

Deliciously Ella with Friends: Healthy Recipes to Love, Share and Enjoy Together

Ella makes it easy to prepare delicious food for you, your friends and family, whatever the occasion. No more wondering whether certain dishes go together, Ella makes life simple with her menus – whether you are planning a laid-back brunch, a last-minute lunch or a fancy supper, she has it covered with hearty and filling recipes that celebrate her natural eating philosophy.

The Little Red Book of Horse Wisdom Book

The Little Red Book of Horse Wisdom

Hundreds of pearls of horse wisdom and discover what the pros have learned from these mighty animals. In this charming collection of quotes from experts and enthusiasts in the horse world, you’ll find humor, poignancy, advice, and more.

At the Festival: Cheltenham book

At the Festival: Racing to Glory at Cheltenham in March

Racing Post and former Timeform journalist Richard Austen relives racing history being made in a series of Festival races from 1981 to 1991. Starting with his own boyhood connection to the top-class hurdler Birds Nest, he reveals the epic and moving stories behind some of the most celebrated horses in Festival history and others, equine and human, who beat the odds to play leading roles on one of the greatest stages in sport.


Little Book of Badminton

The Little Book of Badminton tells the story of this fantastic outdoor, family friendly, yearly outing, held in a beautiful park with the classic backdrop of Badminton House. For the once a year visitor, or for those who have yet experience this national institution, The Little Book of Badminton is the ultimate guide to this great equestrian event.

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