Thursday 25th of February 2021

Man About Town: Jay Halim, Part 2

We catch up with Man about Town, Jay Halim, and hear all about his new fitness regime and late night antics in London.

Jay 3

Getting into Shape

It is really exciting news that I am now the Equestrian Ambassador for a health and well-being centre in Chelsea, called Tres Health. I have had several assessments over the last few weeks and I have now started a specially crafted programme for getting the best out of myself.

The treatments range from cardio, nutrition to personal training. All the training has an equestrian angle to deal with posture, strength, weaknesses and lifestyle choices. These are all important factors whether you are a professional or a weekend rider.

I was surprised to find I have a terrible A-symmetrical pelvis, which has a knock on effect with the rest of my body. My posture is starting to change and the general day to day aches and pains are becoming less frequent.

Jay 2

Body Fuelling Changes

Moving forward it is important to understand that my body is my work and I want to keep myself in better shape. I have never been educated on how to fuel my body correctly but I am now making changes. However, as much as I am an athlete and nutrition is key, life is there to be lived. There are certain foods that we particularly like to eat; it is not a case of not eating certain things, it is just important to eat in moderation.

In terms of portion sizes, I try to imagine my plate as a pie chart and use certain portions for different types of fuel. It has given me new ideas for types of food that isn’t too intrusive to my life.

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The New Arrival

My new ride, Fat Amy, has finally arrived! She is a very well built, sturdy Sovereign Horsebox that takes up to six horses. She is a very welcome addition to the team, and we are going to make good use of her. It will be nice to be king of the road again, however she does need Tiger stripes!

Cocktail Bars and London Antics

I have been in town quite a lot recently meeting up with some friends. I love the media haunt that is the Archer Street Bar, the waiters are performers from West End shows and it has a very cool vibe plus amazing cocktails. The adrenaline from training was still pumping so we had a good stab at the cocktail menu.

I met up my great friend Jules, who has been an event horse owner and now competes at BE90 and BE100 herself. I have known her for over ten years, but she never makes a thing about her birthday so I always go to town for it. A group of us took her to Chequers at Churchill, it was really busy with the rugby and we had a lovely dinner and a really nice evening.

I also met up with my cousin Nicole who I have not seen for ten years. She has just got her first job out of law school and I am so proud of her. We managed to find an Italian restaurant called Obica, off Sloane Square that is famous for its mozzarella; I went cheese crazy! We then went on to a cocktail bar called Eclipse and sampled a few. The cocktail waiter took a bit of a shine to me and kept giving us free drinks. The biggest disaster of the evening though was I got to Paddington late and missed my train. Consequently I had to take a slow train to Oxford and then had to get a taxi home because my car was at a different station.

Bluechip, JTH Horses and Moving Forward

Having not had a lorry for the last few months, I sent Derby, the stallion, to Trevor Breen so that he could go on the Sunshine Tour. Trevor had strict orders not to ride him competitively, but to ride for training purposes and his trip will have been a great education for the horse. Trevor is a very close friend it was great to have a fellow competitor confirm that I believe in the horse. I am very much looking forward to having him home and organising his plans. He is a horse I would love to keep, along with some of the homebred horses so I now need to to put my commercial hat on and find ways to keep him here.

It is a big week ahead with the Blue Chip Champs and I have four horses entered in the Grand Prix. At home we are trying to make some improvements to the yard and take in more horses. At the beginning of the season we had a huge parcel from Eurostar and I am looking forward to modelling my new gear. Without sponsors this is a tough sport and I am very grateful for the support I receive but also that the horses get. 19-year-old Goodman has a spring in his step having being put on NAF Superflex Senior supplement and is noticeably much better than this time last year. 

There’s a busy few weeks ahead and I look forward to bringing you news from our first big trip in Fat Amy.

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