Wednesday 28th of July 2021

Keeping It In The Family

Some pieces of jewellery stay forever in the family and are handed down through the generations, so if you are lucky to be gifted a piece from great grannies’ jewellery box, what should you do (apart from getting extremely excited)?


Exceptional jewellery designer, Sylvia Kerr talks inherited jewellery and the do’s and don’ts…

Family heirlooms aren’t always hugely valuable in monetary terms, but they will have enormous sentimental value, so it’s essential that if you are lucky enough to receive a piece that you wear it with pride. Often jewellery can become outdated and look old fashioned, so we specialise in remodelling pre-loved pieces of family jewellery.

We take the original stones, melt down the metal and mix with new and create a new piece that has the essence of the old but with a more contemporary feel. However, before you rush out and do this, it is worth having a family discussion if you want to remain on talking terms with everyone.

Jewellery can be a very emotive subject and so transforming a piece in this way is a huge step and one which should have the support of the whole family behind your decision.

It is also worth doing extensive research before choosing your jewellery designer – are they experienced in this field? Can they show you some examples of work they have done from the original piece to the final item? And are they qualified? Handing over your jewellery to anyone advertising themselves as ‘jewellery designers’ doesn’t mean that they are experts in their field! Better to be safe than sorry.

Getting the jewellery professionally cleaned can also give the piece a new lease of life. Diamonds can sparkle with brightness and light again and metals dulled over time can be refreshed as well, giving a fresh, sparkly new take on a beautiful vintage item.

If the piece is very classical in its design, such as a pearl necklace, then team it with more contemporary pieces.

Our long Blenheim Tassel Neckchain works beautifully with classic pearls, so much so I designed a detachable pearl bauble that compliments it perfectly. Teaming modern, fresh pieces of jewellery with older vintage pieces works beautifully bringing together new and old for a look which is fresh and on trend.

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