Thursday 29th of July 2021

Meet the maker: A day in the life of Eleanor Lelliott

Meet Ellie, one half of the sibling duo behind SpiceMule who create delicious spice blends and kits, for cooks and can’t cooks.

“Having always had a time consuming hobby (horses) alongside my regular 9 -5 I have always been aware of the need for super quick meals. Luckily, the family business is in the food industry and so SpiceMule was born, with the intention of products that used only what you have to hand in the fridge & some store cupboard staples. And they last for a year in a nice cool dry place so an easy meal is always to hand.

My day tends to start around 6am with 10 minutes stretching on a yoga mat with the fat buddah cat. I would love to say it makes me more productive through the day but in reality it’s just to ease out the kinks from landing on my head too many times falling off horses. I am not a natural office worker so I find this really helps my focus too.

Then it’s a short hop to my Mum’s yard to sort out the horses there. This is one of my favourite parts of the day, listening to the birds sing, mucking out and trying to control a mad 5 month old puppy. It’s also where my best thinking time is, where I will wonder if a new flavour combination will work, or how I can convince Jon that cookie kits are a great idea. (If you are reading this now thinking, ‘YES cookie kits are a great idea Ellie, please make these as easy as your Mug Cakes’ then please hit our socials @SpiceMule.

Then I grab breakfast. My current go to is porridge with a healthy dose of the Cinnachoc on top. This is solid chocolate flakes, but its dark chocolate and there’s cinnamon in it too so I definitely class it as healthy.

As with all Small Business owners I wear many hats (I refuse to wear the accounts one, and leave that firmly with my brother) so every day is different. I handle the socials, orders and the fun of the legislative requirements. But without doubt the best days are when Jon is working on a new recipe.

I need to clarify here that I may have mad ideas for flavours or products but Jon is the one that has a knack for making it work. Our premise is that all our recipes must be able to be cooked by a ‘can’t cook’. So when we are happy with our in house testing, I take a sample back to my housemate (very firmly in the can’t cook category) normally with just a post-it note attached and a maximum of 5 lines of instructions.

My normal trick is then to go for a run leaving her with a slightly panicked look on her face. By the end of a 5k I normally come back to a cooked meal. I have this delegation thing down to a T….. This is how we road tested the Chettinad Curry, The Massaman Curry and how the Stroganoff is currently being approved.

I think what I love about this range (Simply Suppers) is that if you are a confident cook then they give you great basis to add on and mix things up, if you are not confident then they are so simple to create that hopefully they will give you the confidence to experiment a little. For me that’s the ultimate joy of cooking and of my job, not every idea works but we learn from them (Chilli, Lemongrass & Coconut does NOT work in a cake. It very much DOES work in a cookie). 

My evenings are then when I get to see my horse, and it’s lovely as I have the yard to myself. My mobile gets switched off and an audiobook gets switched on. I’m a sucker for a true crime or similar, and can highly recommend the podcast ‘Cautionary Tales’.  If I am back at a reasonable time I then will invariably do some filming or photography for SpiceMule.

Right now this is involving lots of Wild Garlic and our Porchetta rub blitzed together for a pesto. This is a seriously good pairing with lamb so would be brilliant for Easter. Then it’s a chat and catch up with my housemate, and I roll into bed about 10.30pm ready for another day of food!


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