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Meet The Mitsubishi Motors Cup South West Riders

In the lead up to the Mitsubishi Motors Cup (1-2 May 2018) in the grounds of Badminton Estate, we meet some of the competitors as they prepare for the big event.

Nikki Collins

I am based in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire and this will be my second time competing in the Mitsubishi Motors Cup. In 2016 I finished in fifth place in the BE90.

My mare, Jumbos Rose II is a homebred, so I have had her since the day she was born, and we have done everything together since the beginning. I am incredibly fortunate that anyone can get on and ride her, even my six-year-old son. However, unfortunately she is not so easy to handle from the ground. She is extremely grumpy and only seems to be happy when you are on board.

Sadly, due to the terrible weather, training hasn’t been going all that well, with four out of four events cancelled so far this year. My time is also limited as I have to juggle children and a full time job with ‘playing ponies’ but I can’t wait to leave the start box and gallop round the cross country. Jumping into the lake in front of Badminton House was definitely one of my highlights from 2016.

I am so lucky to have an amazing support team who will be coming along to cheer me on again this year. There are too many people to mention individually but I definitely couldn’t do it without my brilliant sister!

Stuart Nie

I am based near Cirencester and my horse, Ponte Vecchio (Tranny) is stabled in Hankerton, near Malmesbury. I competed last year in the Mitsubishi Motors Cup and finished 92nd in the BE90 due to a mistake I made on the cross country course.

I have owned my horse for 10 years now, he’s quite unique because he has a double heart marking on his forehead, which I have never seen on any other horse before. He is my horse of a lifetime and we have competed in some incredible competitions, including; the World Club Showjumping Championships in France in 2015. He really is quite quirky, as one minute he can be extremely calm while the next minute he is very sharp and ready to dart off if something as small as a leaf blows in front of him.

I’m lucky enough to have amazing facilities, where Tranny is kept, which includes an indoor school, which has enabled me to keep him ticking over in the bad weather recently. We have been out showjumping and have done some dressage competitions, with good placings and marks. We were also lucky enough to be selected as one of the riders in the Mitsubishi Motors Masterclass hosted by event rider Mary King MBE and her daughter Emily.

My support team consists of  groom Ryan Fisher as well as lots of friends from riding clubs in my area. I now, just can’t wait to get out on the cross country course.

Harriet George

We keep our horses at home in Cranham, Gloucestershire. I have competed at the Mitsubishi Motors cup three times before with varied success. The first time was in 2014, on a pony I produced myself. He unfortunately found the crowds off-putting on the cross country course so we had a few uncharacteristic stops. I then competed the following year and in 2016 we placed 30th.

My mare, Challenge Accepted or Gracie as she is better known at home is seven years old. I bought her from her breeder as a four year old and we have been working together ever since. What makes Gracie unique is that she loves her job, be that dressage, showjumping or cross country. She tackles anything with willingness and enthusiasm. I feel we have achieved a trusting partnership over the years, and I was so proud that event rider May King MBE commented on this when we rode in the Mitsubishi Motors Cup Masterclass.

This year Gracie and I have qualified for both the BE90 and the BE100 at the Mitsubishi Motors Cup. Sadly, a lot of our training and events have been cancelled due to weather, so I have decided to compete in the BE90.

I’m mostly looking forward to the atmosphere at the Mitsubishi Motors Cup. A lot of my friends and family will be coming to support me. My long suffering mum/trainer and groom will also be joining me as well.

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